Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nail Care: How I grow and maintain my nails

Hi dolls,

So today I thought I'd do something a little different because for a while now people will comment on my nails asking the questions; "Are they your real nails?" "How long did it take to grow them?" "Can you do anything with them?" Any many others.

I figured because these are common questions I'd try my best to answer some of these in a blog post, and maybe help you if you are trying to grow your nails.

I will admit now that I don't really go to extreme lengths to look after my nails but instead just rely on the four products above; Rimmel Nail Rescue, Matte Nail Envy, the Stylfile nail file and the S-Buffer.

When I first started looking after my nails and wanting to both strengthen and lengthen them (haha rhyming while I'm at it) I did initially use OPI's Nail Envy for the two weeks by re-applying every other day to build the coats up and strengthen then, and I will admit it did work wonders on my nails but for the price I couldn't justify keep re-buying it unless it was part of the duo pack that I initially got.

Now don't expect your nails to instantly grow after the two weeks of using nail envy, I found it did take a couple of months for them to get to a decent length and since then they now do grow quicker than what they do to a length that I have never been able to grow them to before.

Once you get them to your desired length the hard work doesn't stop there you then have to maintain your nails so that they don't become brittle and begin snap. To combat this I have found that I like to continuously have my nails painted (which yes I know isn't the best thing to do but I think they look better this length painted), however some of you may think that they are only so strong because they are painted but once the polish is removed the nails are still quite strong.

My nails with China Glazes' Dress Me Up

So when it comes to preparing my nails for painting this is the little routine that I go through and can still be applied if you are not painting them:

I begin by cleaning my nails with nail polish remover even if they are not painted just to remove any traces of polish and that they are clean to work with.

Once I have done that I then use the Stylfile S-Buffer to remove any ridges and smoothen the nail before applying a base coat. That way it just means when it comes to adding polish I'm not going to end up with any of those little bumps once the nail has dried.

After that I use the nail file to shape my nails, and what I like about this file in particular is that it gives a nice natural shape to the nail and shapes them evenly (if that makes sense) sort of giving it that false nail look which I do quite like.

When that is all done I pop a coat of OPI's Matte Nail Envy on as a base coat just to strengthen the nail, and what I like about this is that is appears to sink into the nail leaving no trace of polish behind, making it harder to mess it up while waiting for it to dry.

Now it would be the colour stage which is pretty self explanatory, but you could cut this step out if you were more concentrated on strengthening your nails.

Lastly I like to apply a coat of Rimmel's Nail Rescue, which I have found give similar results to that of OPI's Nail Envy just at a cheaper price. You can then add a coat of this every few days if you wish as it just helps strengthen your nails.

And that is it, my little nail care routine which I find works for me and has worked in nearly a year giving me nails that I am happy with and can withstand a lot - and yes I mean my retail job which requires me to work with delivery palettes and boxes.

A lot of people do ask "how can you do anything with your nails" and I will admit that I can't actually fasten the clasps on necklaces and bracelets well but that is something minor for me. Anything else is normal, and my nails haven't made a change - instead of that feeling when you have false nails and because they are so long cannot do anything with.

I hope you liked this post, and do you like your nails longer or shorter?

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