Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel: Matte Lipstick in 101

Hi dolls,

So if you read my blog regularly you may already know that I am a huge fan of the Kate Moss collection released by Rimmel and already own about 6 of these. When I heard that they were introducing a matte collection to the range I wasn't too sure at first because I have a tendency to not get on with matte lipsticks but figured as I had the Boots points I'd treat myself and give it a try.

I picked up the shade 101 as I felt it was the most practical shade for me.

The shade 101 is the lightest from the collection and is a blue based pink, and considering its matte formula it is very creamy in application. I wouldn't go as far to say that this is completely matte, I find it more of a semi-matte formula but still if you have dry lips it's going to show as you can see in the one photo (damn you cold weather!)

One of the things I have always liked from this collection is the packaging, and I adore the red packaging I think it still looks very chic and an easy way to distinguish your previous colours to the matte. I think the signature is something that is very personal about the collection, it may seem strange when reading this that I'm going on how I like the signature but it's just that personal touch to the collection that I like.

Now when comparing the matte range to the previous you will notice that these lipsticks have a strong smell to them almost perfume like, now while that is nice to smell it isn't very nice once you have applied the lipstick and it ends up in your mouth. I found this when taking the photos while sipping my drink the lipstick got in my mouth and it wasn't pleasant, it's not enough to put me off however as I think these are a great affordable lipstick.

I have found when applying these shades, even when swatching them in store the colour payoff is great, they aren't thin in terms of colour but instead very pigmented which means you only apply the lipstick a couple of times over the lips.

In terms of lasting power, I will admit it's pretty average. I find that it can last anywhere from 2-3 hours which considering it's meant to be a matte lipstick isn't too bad. However I don't mind the lasting power as I tend to constantly re-apply when it comes to lipstick as I like my lips looking fresh with colour.

Lastly one thing I will say for this their timing with this collection is a little crap, as it's the winter and we are suffering from those horrible dry lips and wearing this collection is not going to help us at all. I was in two minds about putting up a closeup photo of my lips at first, but I figured I wanted to show you lovelies what the product looks like on dry lips so moisture is key when using these. 

Apart from that I do love this collection, and will be sure to add many more to my growing collection. They retail for £5.49 so it's a little bargain, even more so if you go to Boots and take advantage of their 3 for 2.

Have you tried any of the Kate Moss matte lipsticks?

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