Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mac Glamour Daze Lipsticks: Innocence and Glamourdaze

Hi dolls,

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of new additions to my Mac collection, since the Glamour Daze Holiday collection hit the shelves my wish list has grown and luckily enough my birthday is next week so the mother treated me to these lovely shades!

The collection is made up of five gorgeous shades: Beauty a very pale frost pink, Dramatic Encounter a dark purple, Glamour Daze a rich dark rose, Innocence a nude coral and Outrageously Fun a vibrant purple. 

I went for Innocence and Glamour Daze as these were my favourite shades from the collection. Saying that I did want to get the shade Beauty but when I swatched it in the Mac counter I felt it would be too pale for my skintone, however I might have a look again when I go away and get the SA's to pop it on my lips to see how it looks.

Starting with the packaging I love how they have gone for the statement black bullet, with the addition of the glossiness (similar to the Marilyn Monroe collection) and I find that simplicity works here with the packaging. It's very chic and stands out from the core collection!

Both lipsticks are scented with the traditional vanilla scent that comes with all Mac lipsticks and is personally something I love about their products. 

Because these lipsticks are part of the limited edition holiday range the price is unfortunately bumped up to £15.50, which I don't mind paying because I think the products are great. However it is slightly annoying now that Mac have started to add an additional cost to the limited edition lines, especially as some of the items they release are a part of the core collection just re-packaged. 


Now if you read my blog you will know I am such a big fan of nude lip colours, so this was a must have for me! I love the tones of this shade, the coral lipstick has gorgeous peach undertones which gives a gorgeous glow perfect for both day and night. 

Innocence has a frost finish which means it's super shiny and very creamy when applying, but will highlight any dry areas on your lips. In terms of lasting power I find this lasts around the 3-4 hour mark which for a frost lipstick is really good, I find that the pigmentation is good for a nude colour but will still need to be built up for a great shade payoff.

I find the best way to wear this lipstick is to apply a thin layer of lip balm before apply makeup to make sure it has settled and then place this on top to keep the lips moisturised. This will be a lipstick that will see me through to the spring!


Firstly wow! What a gorgeous shade, for the winter I have been trying to get into darker shades of lipstick and I thought this would be the perfect way to kickstart my love for these shades. Glamourdaze is a lighter plum / dark rose shade which is once again a perfect shade for any look, and find it really complements my skin tone (something I was worried it wouldn't).

This lipstick has a cremesheen finish which is my all-time favourite mac finish, and is also very creamy when applying. However I did find this shade worked better when popping a thin layer of balm underneath. I found that this lipstick lasted around the 4-5 mark which is great, but do make sure to keep an eye on this as you will find when it starts to fade the outer marks will still be visible and is not a nice look.

Glamourdaze is probably my favourite lipstick from the collection and can see it becoming one of my everyday favourites during the winter, and may even see about getting a backup of this as this is limited edition. 

I hope you enjoyed, have you bought anything from the Glamour Daze collection? If so what are your favourite pieces?

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