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Make Up For Ever: HD Complexion Starter Kit

Hi dolls,

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts this week been a little busy with university and dissertation writing *oh the joy*. Anyways I thought I would do a little review on the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Complexion Starter Kit that I picked up while on holiday.

I sort of knew when I went to Sephora on holiday that this foundation was definitely going to be purchased, however when I saw this set online I wasn't sure if I'd be buying it individually or as part of this set. However this foundation retailed at $42 and the set was only $79 so for value wise this worked out great.

Sephora state that the complexion starter kit actually has a retail value of $114 so you are getting a great bargain. I think this set is also a good way of getting into the brand, especially if you do not have a Sephora close or live in the UK where it is hard to obtain MUFE. This set allows you to not only get your full size foundation but also try out their primer, powder and their cute like kabuki.

So like I said initially I got this set because of the foundation, it had been on my wishlist for a while and I caved while I was away. Now I have used it sparingly at the moment; one because I am trying to get rid of other foundations and second because I don't want to rush and use it all up at once - I really want it to last!

The reason for that is because I have fallen in love with this foundation, and I am planning my trip to France with the mother purely to go Sephora shopping (sad I know)!

Here are a couple of swatches of the foundation:

HD Foundation

I got myself colour matched in store and the assistant matched me with 117 Marble which is aimed at those with light skin with yellow undertones. Now normally when I get a foundation with yellow undertones it scares me because I never think my skin tone is that yellow, I will always tend to go for an ivory shade with pink undertones but I must say when applied on my skin it matches flawlessly. Something I was a little worried it wouldn't once I got home.

I really like MUFE shade chart, I think they have a great choice of colours hence why I got myself matched, it was a little daunting trying to match myself when I could have literally chosen from about 4 colours which I felt would have matched my skin.

The finish on this foundation I find is very natural, while giving a dewy glow to the skin - and probably my favourite foundation in terms of its finish. The foundation itself is said to be a medium to full coverage which will hide imperfections and balance the skin tone while appearing invisible, this was a claim I wasn't sure if it would live up to purely because I find that sometimes my Estee Lauder Double Wear can apply a little cakey. However this is not the case, this is a very natural looking foundation and blends effortlessly - which is why it is given the name it is because the idea behind this foundation is that it will appear very natural for HD video recording. 

I find that while it states it's a higher coverage foundation I still find it very light on the fact and doesn't weigh your skin down, which I find is always a good thing in a foundation. Application wise I can literally cover my face in about 2 pumps, so you find that you don't need a lot of it to cover, however it can be built if need be. 

Lasting power can be anything from 6-8 for myself, however my t-zone will need the little addition of powder but that is no biggie for me as it's something I do out of self consciousness anyway. 

Packaging wise is something I adore, very similar to the Urban Decay Naked foundation, in terms of design and plastic bottle (think we know where Urban Decay got their idea from). But it's simple and I like that, I also feel safer carrying this around; one because it's plastic and secondly because of the double layered packaging. 

HD Powder

The HD Powder is another product I have fallen in love with from first application, once applied it reminds me of Porefessional purely because of the velvety texture that you can feel on your skin. Just like the foundation this feels really light weight to the skin once it has been applied and I tested this over my BB creams to get a sense of how well it mattifies the skin and it really does a great job on those.

It's not something I would necessarily use on all of my foundations as for me personally it can look a little too matte, but it is still something I adore. This was my first experience with a white translucent powder - and the reason behind this is because I have always feared of ghost face with it haha. I combine this with the cute little kabuki and it works great on my skin. 

Anywhoo, long story short really do love this product and glad to have tried it in the set.

HD Primer

The HD Primer is yet another product I have fallen in love with, it's my favourite formula in terms of a primer (if that makes sense) and a little really does a long way. Because of this it does feel a little oily when applying but that is not the case as I tend to apply this on my t-zone and it does not make it more oily or enhance the oils in this area.

Now I have heard some reviews for this that they don't like the smell, but personally for me I do - can't really explain why but I do just like it. I think this really helps with the longevity of your foundation and will keep it in place for the day and helps to avoid those dry patches that can sometimes form - for me especially round the corners of my nose.

Secondly I really love the base that this primer gives for applying your makeup, it provides a really smooth base which means your foundation will fly on and just makes the process not only smoother but quicker - so a thumbs up for that.

All in all this is a great set, and you do get a good saving in terms of the retail price and the Sephora price. I just wish it was easier to get a hold of in the UK! Even though it is a little expensive I do think it would make a great Christmas present for any makeup enthusiast as the products are really great and for me are personally worth the cost. 

I hope you enjoyed, have you tried Make Up For Ever before? If so what products would you recommend?

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