Sunday, 2 December 2012

Kerastase Initialiste: Hair and Scalp Serum Review

Hi dolls,

I hope you've all had a fab weekend! Now this might be my only post for the week as I have deadlines galore and so much work to do - the joys of uni so my blog will have to take the back seat until that is all done. 

Anyways, I wanted to share with you all a little hair gem I have found recently, and a product that really works wonders on my hair. If you have heard of the Kerastase brand you may have tried their elixir ultime or any of their shampoo products. 

Recently they released their Initialiste product which is a hair and scalp serum which "reveals hair that feels thicker, looks shiner and is more resistant to breakage".

Now I hadn't heard about this particular product until I had my hair done a few weeks ago, and thought as my hair and scalp is in need of some help at the moment I'd give this a try. According to the instructions this is a serum which is applied thoroughly to towel-dried hair, and can be applied to the roots and lengths.

Depending on your hair type, depends the amount of doses which you apply to your hair. If you are like me and have fine hair the product recommends two doses, and thicker hair it states four doses.

I wasn't sure when I first used this whether I'd see any noticeable results, however I must say it was love from first use. Lately I have been suffering from a really dry/flaky scalp and nothing I use is helping it, and at times it can get really sore. However I've popped this directly onto the roots and have found it softens the scalp so it's no longer sore and it reduces the flakyness.

When it comes to hair oils/serums I often worry that it will make my hair more greasy/oily so I do hesitate when using them. However this doesn't have that effect at all, if anything I find it makes my hair look fresher for longer, and reduces the grease - so that is a good sign.

What I like about this is the pipette that comes with it, for applying the serum. This way you can control the amount that you use - and honestly you don't need a lot. The smell of this is gorgeous and love applying it to my hair. All in all it's a really great product, it recommends using the serum every 2-3 days and I just pop two doses straight into my roots and work downwards. I have noticed a big difference when using it and really does help the condition of my hair.

I can't say I've noticed my hair looking thicker - but I never have!

I will say that this 60ml bottle does not come cheap, it retails at £40 which is more than the elixir. However you only need the smallest amount so it is guaranteed to last ages. Despite the price I would probably repurchase this when I finally use the bottle up (which I can see lasting like a year!)

Have you tried any Kerastase products before?

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