Saturday, 22 December 2012

Terre d'Oc Organic Lipstick

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well and ready for Christmas! A little while ago I was invited down to an event held by Terre d'Oc in London, unfortunately I couldn't get down so they sent me one of their lipsticks to review.

Now I will be honest before this I had never actually heard of the brand so wasn't sure what to expect. However I did some research into the company, and found out that they are a French brand which first came together about 15 years ago. Their makeup and skin range is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients and is inspired from world cultures. 

They sent me this lovely organic lipstick from their Moroccan-inspired range:

Terre d'Oc lipstick 207 Bois de Rose*

Now going from the first photo you may think that this lipstick looks really small in comparison to many brands, but this is something that I find makes it stand out. Whilst it doesn't look a lot the lipstick is actually 4 grams which is more product than you get with a Mac lipstick. Their brand is focused on eco-design which means that their packaging is reduced by 50% - something I actually quite like because it is easy to pop into your bag especially if you have a small clutch. 

I really adore the packaging of this range, I find it's simple yet really cute and looks very organic in my opinion. I do like the organic seal on both sets of packaging as it gets its message out and you know that this brand will be organic. 

When I looked into the ingredients of this lipstick I was quite surprised to see argan oil and butter have been used. However this is according to the website a Moroccan tradition and it nourished and highlights the lips. The website states that their lipsticks come in essential and natural lip shades which is something else I liked the sound of as I never think you can have enough natural shades.

Application wise this is probably the best lipstick I have popped on, I find that the shape of this is slightly different which means doing the outline of your lips is easier including applying it to the top of your lips. I am a little naughty at times and on my way out if I haven't put my lipstick on I will do so in the car and this is probably the quickest to apply.

Colour wise, this is spot on for me, a very natural shade with hints of gold/peach shimmer, which I think would be perfect going into the spring. Whilst this is a light shade it applies really light and creamy and the formula reminds me a little of the Mac Cremesheen range. Lasting power I find it does last a good 3-4 hours which is fab considering the light shade. 

This range has really grown on me from the first impressions I have received about their lipstick, and are really intrigued to try out more from their makeup range. 

The lipstick is at the higher end of the range at £16.95, but when you consider that you are now paying £14 for Mac and that is 3g I can justify the price. However there aren't too many shades to choose from in this range so that may be a negative for some of you who like a wide range of colours.

However all in all I do really like this makeup range and are already lining up some of their lip glosses to buy.

Have you ever tried this brand before? How important are eco makeup brands to you?

PS. I am hoping that some of you lovelies will be able to help me out with a couple of little projects, so if you are interested just pop me a little comment with your email and I'll let you know about it.

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