Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top Beauty Products of 2013

It's amazing to think year on year how quickly the time goes, and 2013 is no different, I can still remember last New Years like it was only a few months ago. Over the past 12 months I've seen myself discover new items that I would not necessarily opt for in my makeup routine, these include items from darker lipstick shades and bronzers. I have chosen to go for just a few items that I tend to use daily whether it be for work or a night out.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I could have quite easily included all of the Real Technique brushes in this post, they really are faultless. However I have opted for this brush in particular as it's my favourite foundation brush, and something I use daily. It buffs foundation in effortlessly and no matter what product I use, it leaves foundation looking smooth and flawless. A winner right there!

Benefit Bella Bamba 

I actually started to hit pan on this earlier last week, and didn't realise until Boxing Day that this shade is now discontinued which is a huge disappointment. With no Benefit counter stocking it I was lucky enough to order the Hot 2 Trot set allowing me to get my favourite blusher once more. Bella Bamba is a gorgeous watermelon shade that I find myself using everyday. I love how this instantly warms the skin, and therefore is my favourite blusher for 2013.

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural

One of my first ever MAC purchases, and one of many re-purchases, this is a gorgeous natural powder that leaves my skin looking very natural. I find that this lasts all day on my skin and prevents oil and shiny areas on the skin, especially on my t-zone. I find somedays where I don't want to put a lot on my skin I can pop this on for a light coverage and doesn't look cakey at all. 

Benefit It's Potent 

It's Potent is a strange one to include in this post, purely because this was a product that I had never intended to buy. It was only until I was given a sample with this I have fallen in love and now 2 samples later and a full sized product (on it's way) I couldn't be happier with this. It's Potent is a generously moisturising eye cream that helps brighten the skin around your eyes and helps skin to look more youthful. 

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Now before 2013 I hadn't really seen the need for face masks, I always used to think they were a waste of time. However my brother kind of talked me into trying them as he wanted to try and help his breakout prone skin, so I thought I'd give them a shot. Boy was I wrong, and since being introduced to Lush's Mask of Magnaminty I love the weekly process that is sitting down with my green minty face mask. This particular mask is designed to help breakouts and really does do the trick, I find that skin feels soft afterwards and redness is reduced in those pesky areas. 

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder

Being fair skinned I have always battled with bronzers, worried that I would look like I have been Tango'd I have always stayed far far away from these products. Originally I was tempted to buy Nars Laguna but when I went to purchased fortunately for me they were out of stock, the SA kindly informed me of a similar bronzer however was slightly lighter. This came in the form of Laura Mercier, and honestly I am so glad I picked this up, this is a lighter bronzer which gives a healthy glow to the skin with no Tango related issues in sight. 

Rimmel Nail Nurse

I have recently reviewed this product, simply because of how amazing it is. I don't actually use this as the 14 day treatment as intended, instead I used this as a topcoat. By using this my nails quickly strengthen and helps with growth, my nails never used to be the quickest to grow but by regularly using this they to trend to sprout up quicker than previously.

MAC Creme Cup

My Holy Grail everyday lipstick, Mac Creme Cup is probably the one lipstick that is used day in day out, mainly for work purposes but this for me is the perfect everyday lipstick. It compliments my skin tone well, being a Cremesheen lipstick the texture is very creamy and moisturising to the lips. Lasting power is relatively good despite it being a lighter shade, and for me is probably my favourite MAC lipstick.

Kate Moss for Rimmel 107

To say I was a little apprehensive when buying this shade would be an understated, queue several debates in store before finally buying this. I was quite worried when buying this purely because I have never thought red or darker shades would suit me. However I was pleasantly surprised by this, I think this is the kind of lipstick that would suit most skin tones and I love how this can be applied lightly for everyday use and then heavier for nights. It looks lovely on and has quickly become a lipstick that is used more than anticipated.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted Moisturiser is yet again another product I had yet to try, and figured why not go for one of the better. I had actually received a sample size of this product whilst in America last year, and so glad I finally gave this a go earlier in the year. For a tinted moisturiser it provides excellent coverage, not heavy, but enough to conceal blemishes and reduce redness. I find it provides a lovely dewy and natural glow, however some days I will pop a bit of powder on top for a matte look. A fabulous product however that it worth the money.

Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturiser

Lancome's Anti-Stress Moisturiser is again another product I never intended to try out, however when I found myself with no moisturiser I found this little gem in my skincare storage from a free gift set last year. Ironically enough I found myself using this whilst in a highly stressful situation, completing my third year at university, working full time as an intern and also working part time. So with stress levels at an all time high and my skin looking worse for wear I was surprised to find the next morning my skin looking hydrated and the ugliness that was redness and spotty visibly reduced. Luckily enough I received this as a full sized product for Christmas and cannot wait to continue using this next year.

So there we have it, my favourite products of 2013. I'd love to know what yours have been, let me know!

I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year, whether you are going out or having quiet celebrations at home with family and loved ones. No matter how you are spending it I hope 2014 will be a great year!


Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog Sale ft. Estee Lauder, YSL, Benefit, Topshop and more

It has been a while since doing a blog sale, and I decided that I really need a clear out. After receiving beauty related gifts I didn't realise how much I actually owned and it dawned on me there was no way I'd get round to using all these products. Hence I thought out with the old and in with the new and do a little blog sale to see if any of you were interested in some of my items.

As per, here are a few rules for the blog sale:

- Unfortunately this blog sale is UK only
- Paypal only. If you see an item you'd like to purchase please comment below stating which item/s you'd like and send payment as a gift to charlee.greenhalgh@hotmail.co.uk
- When an item is sold it will be clearly marked as so in the post
- There will be a shipping charge of £2.60 plus 20p per additional item. All items will be send via second class Royal Mail
- Items will be shipped within 5 working days
- No returns only
- All items will be cleaned before posting

Estee Lauder Lilac Lover | Used Once | £8.00 (RRP £20) | NOW £5
Estee Lauder Pink Ambition | Used Once | £8.00 (RRP £20) | SOLD
Topshop Secret Admirer | Used Once | £3.50 (RRP £8)
YSL Golden Melon | Used Once | £8.00 | SOLD

NYX Rose Bud | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
NYX Jupiter | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
F&F Tesco Shhh... | Used Once | £0.50 NOW 25p
F&F Penny Lane | Used Once | £0.50 NOW 25p | SOLD
Rimmel Latino | Swatched | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
Revlon Gentlemen Prefer Pink | Used Once | £2.00 NOW £1.00 | SOLD
Revlon Sky Line Pink | 80% left | £1.50 NOW 75p
Revlon Amethyst Shell | Used Once £2.00 NOW £1.00

Avon Apricot Mystery | Used Once | 50p SOLD

Avon Color Trend Sequin | Swatched | 25p
Avon Color Trend Amethyst | Swatched | 25p
Avon Color Trend Sunrise | Swatched | 25p
Or 3 for 50p

Avon Pink Freeze | Tastes minty on lips | Used couple of times | 50p
Avon | Really Rosy | Swatched | 50p
Avon Twinkle Pink | Used couple of times | 50p
or 3 for £1

Elf Runway Pink | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Elf Fiery Fuchsia | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Elf Rich Raspberry | Swatched | £1.00 NOW 50p
Elf Party Pink | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Or 3 for £1.00

Elf Beautiful Berry | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
Elf Nicely Nude | Swatched | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD

Bourjois Rose Pomponne | Brand New | £2.50 NOW £1.50
Collection 2000 Sugar Pink | Used couple of times, slight mark on side of bullet | 50p NOW 20p
Revlon Pink Lemonade | Used Couple of Times | £3.00 NOW £1.50 SOLD
Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Mini | Brand New | £2.00 NOW £1.00

Cargo Tokyo | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00
ELF Wild | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
ELF Daring | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
ELF Sorority Girl | Used Once | 50p NOW 30p
Elf Berry Blush | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
Jemma Kidd Petal | Brand New | £2.00 | SOLD
Along Came Betty Gloss | Brand New | 30p
Barry M Impulse | Brand New | £1.00 | SOLD
Barry M Limited Edition (no name) | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
Revlon Coral Reef | Used Once | £1.50 NOW £1.00 SOLD
Lancome Juicy Tube Mini | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00 SOLD

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam | Ivory | 80% left | £2.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD
L'Oreal Lumi Magique | RCK1 | 80% left | £3.50 NOW £2.00 SOLD
17 Skin Perfecting | Soft Ivory | Usage as shown | £2.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD
Revlon Age Defying | Fresh Ivory | Used Once | £3.50 NOW £2.00
Bourjois 123 Perfect | Shade 51 | 90% left | £3.50 NOW £2.00 SOLD
Estee Lauder Double Wear | 1C1 Shell | 75% left | SOLD
Soap and Glory Show Good Face | Fairest of them all | Used Twice | £3.50 NOW £2.00 SOLD
Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse | Ivory | Usage Shown | £3.50 NOW £2.00 SOLD

MUA Mosaic Bronzer Sun Kissed Glow | Used once | 50p
ELF Peachy Keen | 80% left | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
ELF D20 | Used Twice | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
Bourjois 95 Rose | Used Once | £2.00 | SOLD
Bourjois 34 Rose D'Or | Used Once | £2.00 | SOLD

ELF Conditioning Lip Balm Mellow Melon | Usage Shown | 30p
ELF Conditioning Lip Balm Blissful Berry | Usage Shown | 30p

Body Shop Lily Cole Eyeshadow Quad | Used couple of times | £2.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD
Clinique Strawberry Fudge Duo, Like Mink Duo | Brand New | £4.00 | SOLD 
Look Triple Hula Luxe | Used Couple of times | £1.50 NOW £1.00
Rimmel Smokey Purple Eye | Used couple of times | £1.50 NOW £1.00

Kleenex x5 Shine Absorbing Sheets | 30p

ELF Pigment Eyeshadow Naturally Nude | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
ELF Eye Transformer Pastel | Used a couple of times | £1.00 NOW 50p

Caviar Beads | Brand New | £0.25
ELF Small Stipple Brush | Brand New | £2.00 | SOLD
ELF Mascara and Shadow Shield | Brand New | £2.00 | SOLD

Macadamia Oil Treatment | Brand New | £2.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD
BB Thickening Hairspray 50ml | Used Once | £3.00 | SOLD
Richard Ward Holding Serum | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00
Dove Nourishing Oil | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
Percy and Reed Hair Oil | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00

Jergens Ultra Healing Dry Skin Moisturiser | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00
Elemis Daily Moisturiser | Used a couple of times | £8.00 | SOLD
Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift | Usage Shown | £5.00 NOW £3.00 SOLD
Along Came Betty Body Mist | Brand New | 20p
Along Came Betty Hand Cream | Brand New | 30p
Invigorate Body Lotion | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
Radial Dark Tan | Swatched | £1.50 NOW £1.00 SOLD

Benefit Porefessional Mini | Brand New | £2.50 | SOLD
Elf Cover Everything Concealer Light | Brand New | SOLD
ELF Cover Everything Concealer Corrective Yellow | Brand New | SOLD
Carmex Cherry Lip Balm | Used a couple of times | 20p

VIVO Trio Eyeshadow in Innocence | Usage Shown | 30p

Topshop Multipurpose Stick in Luminescence | Used Once | £3.50 NOW £2.00
ELF Berry Blush | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Pixie Purity | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Benefit Eye Bright | Usage Shown | £2.00 SOLD
NYX Gold Jumbo Stick | Swatched | £1.00 NOW 50p SOLD
NYX Iced Mocha Jumbo Stick | Swatched | £1.00 SOLD
Cargo Black Organic Eyeliner | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00

17 Metallic Eyes Wild Nude | Swatched | £1.00 SOLD
17 Metallic Eyes Wild Bronze | Brand New | £1.50 SOLD
17 Metallic Eyes Wild Purple | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00
Maybelline Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze | Swatched | £2.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD

MeMeMe Dew Pots Woodland Truffle 1 | Usage shown | 50p SOLD 
MeMeMe Dew Pots Willow Whisper 5 | Usage Shown | 50p SOLD
MeMeMe Dew Pots Hollow Haze 2 | Usage Shown | 50p SOLD
Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00

OPI White Shatter | Brand New | £2.00 NOW £1.00
Models Own Pink Blush | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
Look Nail Pop in Sequin | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00
Look Nail Pop in Catsuit | Brand New | £1.00 NOW £1.00 SOLD

Superdry Rich Red | Used Once | £1.00 NOW 50p
OPI Skull and Glossbones | Used Once | £4.00 | SOLD
OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know | Used Once | £3.00 NOW £2.00 SOLD
Deborah Lippman Mini | Brand New | £3.00 NOW £2.00
NuBar Raspberry Truffle | Brand New | £2.50 NOW £1.50 SOLD
Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream | Brand New | £1.00 NOW 50p
Barry M Once Upon A Time | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00 | SOLD

Elf Natural Eyeshadow Palette | used a couple of times | £1.50 NOW 75p
Sleek Brow Kit in Dark | Brand New | £4.00 NOW £3.00 SOLD
Sleek Brow Kit in Light | Brand New | £4.00 NOW £3.00 SOLD

Sleek | Rose Gold | Used a couple of times | SOLD
L'Occitane 30ml Hand Cream | 75% left | £2.50 NOW £2.00 SOLD
Clinique Woppin Watermelon Mini | Brand New | £2.50 | SOLD
Eyeko Curvy Mascara | Used 3 times | £2.00 
Benefit Sugarbomb Mini Lipgloss | Brand New | £2.00 | SOLD
Benefit Total Moisture samples x2 | SOLD
Eyeko Skinny Mini Eyeliner in Blue | Brand New | £2.00 NOW £1.50
Benefit Porfessional Mini | Brand New | £2.00 | SOLD
Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tin | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.00 SOLD
Beauty UK CC Cream in Natural | Brand New | £2.00 NOW £1.00
Elemis Lip Balm Mini | Brand New | SOLD
Elemis Daily Moisturiser Mini | Brand New | SOLD
Witch BB Cream | Used a couple of times | £3.00 NOW £2.00
Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube | Brand New | £1.50 NOW £1.50

Hope you find something you like, if you've got anymore questions please let me know!


Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas Haul

Christmas Haul

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you had a fabulous day whether that be receiving all you asked for or simply spending time with loved ones. I actually did both, apart from seeing the boyfriend (we always like to spend Xmas with family and then have our Xmas Boxing Day).

Anyways this year I was in two minds about doing my Christmas haul as I know this is kinda a marmite post, some people enjoy these posts others don't and each to their own. I figured as I'd done this type of post previously I'd do it again but keep it short and sweet with what I received.

Now considering this was the first year that I hadn't really asked for anything I was truly spoilt, and received some amazing gifts. Firstly off my parents I received lots of beauty goodies, including all the perfume you see on the photo, 1D goodies, Naked 3, Soap and Glory Goodies, Benefit goodies, Lancôme, Real Techniques, the Smurfs 2 and a couple of pairs of my beloved fluffy socks.

Usually James and I will tell one another what we'd like for Christmas to not only makes things easier but to just make sure we get something we really want. This year he treated me to a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood orb bracelet to go with my matching necklace, and the heart jumper. This was something he personally picked for me and the boy did good! It's so fluffy and cosy, I love it!

His mom and dad got me a Debenhams gift card which was very quickly spent Boxing Day on Benefit's Porefessional which I can't wait to try out. From his nan and grandad they got me some gorgeous Christmas print slipper socks which are so cosy and soft and some Belgian choccies which are nearly gone.

My friends got me some great bits and bobs also from the Ciate velvet polish set to a Royal Jelly manicure set. Apart from gifts I got money off other family members which has now been spent on some Jack Wills and MAC goodies.

Overall this Christmas has shaped up to be a really great time, not only have I not worked during Christmas my first since I was 16. But I have also got to spend it with people who mean the world to me.

I'd love to know what you guys have had for Xmas! Let me know, I'd love to see your hauls! 

I'm thinking of doing a room tour soon now I've redone it a little and just wondering if that's something you'd be interested in?


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Sales

Image courtesy of: stuffster.com

Over the years it has become apparent that many retailers no longer wait for Boxing Day to start the Christmas sales, and many online retailers now start on Christmas Eve. So I figured for the keen shoppers like myself I'd do a round up of a selection of beauty and fashion related sales. 


The Boots Christmas Sale officially started this morning, with up to 1/2 off the 3 for 2 gifts, and then premium beauty with a staggering 1/3 off. I had a flicker through this morning and many of the Benefit sets that I had my eye on have gone down, and a good thing if you notice some of your favourites have sold out, you many be in look as some state that stock is shortly arriving. I can do you one better also between now and 3rd January you can get an extra 10% off if you spend £90 or more with the code 'festive' and free home delivery which is a fab bonus. 


Just like Boots, Superdrug's January Sale has started with a range of gift sets, makeup and skincare with great reductions. This sale is well worth a look and is not only online but in store as well. There is also free standard home delivery on orders over £10 so you can't go wrong if you don't feel like hitting the shops. 

Feel Unique

I believe the Feel Unique Winter Sale actually started a couple of days ago but they still have some fab offers, including money off GHD's. There's between 10-30% off products including a range of drug store and high end products so it's well worth a look to see what they have. You never know you may grab a bargain or two!

House of Fraser

House of Fraser's sale does not start until 12 today online, but I'm sure you'll be able to grab some amazing bargains. With an extra 10% off sale and double points on beauty it's well worth a look especially if you know a certain item you are after has sold out in Boots or Debenhams, it's worth a shot to see if House of Fraser have it.  


Unfortunately the Zara sale has hit stores only, however still felt it was worth the mention as I find you can never go wrong with their items. It may be worth popping to your local to see if you can grab a great deal!


The sale of all sales starts today at 3pm, it's the Next Sale now I'm not for getting up at 5am on Boxing Day to check the sales out, and if you're like me at least you can check the sale out from the comfort of your own home a couple of days early.

John Lewis

John Lewis have been all over the Christmas scene with their gorgeous advert, and it's only fitting that their Christmas sale should start today. A little later than the others, starting at 5pm their online sale should not disappoint. The good thing about the sale being a little later than all the others you know that you have time to prepare yourself, no waking up early just simply sitting on the sofa with a spot to drink and some online shopping.


Harrods sale has started, however I have heard more items will be added at 6pm - I'm not sure how true this is but it's well worth a look. There's a great range of beauty products and some higher end splurges including some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bags and accessories.

Body Shop

Another favourite of mine is the Body Shop with some great sale items to choose from. With up to 50% you can choose from some gorgeous gift sets which will no doubt make wonderful gifts for the year ahead. They also have some bath and body singles which have great reductions, no doubt I will be doing a spend later on. 


Limited only for the time being however Debenhams sale has always been a favourite of mine, many women's clothes and accessories are now reduced with some great savings across many of the brands including my personal favourite H! by Henry Holland. I'm hoping beauty items will be added over the next couple of days to make a fab sale and greater savings. 

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins up to 50% sale has now started, with a great range of reductions on a wide spread of items. From dresses to novelty socks there's something for everyone and with some bargains to be had it's well worth a little look. I like that you can always see what item's are in stock at your local store also, meaning that if something is sold out online you could possibly get it in store. 


Another favourite of mine the ASOS sale, giving you the widespread choice of what to buy from clothing to beauty. I always manage to find a couple of steals on their site, last year I managed to get a pair of Nike Blazers with a huge reduction - win! With some great reductions on OPI, Cath Kidston and Ciate it's well worth a look!

There are many others that I could go into such as Very, New Look, Miss Selfridge and Oasis but that's the fun with the sales: they are everywhere with bargains to be had. 

So here is a little roundup of some of the sales, which stores will you be shopping during the sale period?


Monday, 23 December 2013

Top Cosmetics You'll Want to Find in Your Christmas Stocking

Image courtesy of: wallpoper.com

It’s always been a Christmas tradition to fill stockings full of goodies and to present them to your family on Christmas morning however, over the years the contents of a stocking has become much less personal meaning that it never gets used and probably gets thrown out into the rubbish soon after the festive period has ended.

Nowadays people generally stuff stockings with sweets, chocolates and small toys and games however, there’s no reason why this year’s Christmas stockings need to be the same. Rather than filling your loved ones’ Christmas stockings with rubbish that they won’t use, this year go to the effort of putting thought into a simple but effective gift that they’ll be able to use long after Christmas is over. 

Cosmetics make great stocking fillers for males and females of all ages and they’re always useful, so if your loved ones can always be found checking their hairstyles and make-up in the mirror then consider these stocking filler ideas from the skin care professionals at Pure Beauty

Cosmetics for FemalesNail Polish 

Nail polish is a staple item in every cosmetics bag and it’s a product that all girls – and some guys – love and are never without, which is why it’s a great first filler for a festive stocking. Girls generally change the colour of their nails pretty often in order to co-ordinate them with the outfit they have on that day. A few new shades for their varnish collection will be something that fashion followers will adore so once you’ve got the lowdown on this year’s top shades you’ll be well equipped to head out and make an educated choice for an on trend nail polish that you can be sure they’ll use.
Make-up brushes

Make-up brushes are essential in a world where the way you look is exceptionally important but they are a particular pain when travelling. Although cosmetics brushes are essential for the application of almost all make-up, when travelling, many women find that they take up a lot of room in their luggage because they almost never fit into a make-up bag. In order to solve this all too common problem why not choose a travel make-up brush set that’ll fit easily into a suitcase, overnight bag and Christmas stocking? 
Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is another cosmetics product that the vast majority of females are never without. With a huge range of makes and colours available it can be difficult to choose so again, make sure you choose an on-trend colour and a gloss that smells pleasant, is long lasting and isn’t sticky – this one’s really important because there’s nothing worse. 


Your eyes are perhaps the most expressive facial feature and mascara is the perfect way to accentuate them – something that the majority of women do. When choosing a mascara it’s important to choose a sensible shade – black or dark brown are most commonly used – that, as well as framing the eyes, will make sure the lashes look natural too. 

Hair Products 

Women are constantly styling their hair with various heated appliances, which seriously damage the hair. This means that in order to prevent their hair from becoming dry, dull and broken they need to use quality hair products that will reinstate any essential moisture that’s been lost. When choosing hair products that are going to nourish and hydrate the hair you should make sure they contain a lot of natural ingredients – like Dermalogica’s Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner – that will leave your hair looking and feeling shiny and smooth. Avoid products that contain a lot of chemicals – especially sulphates – as these will also slowly damage your hair.

Cosmetics for Men

Hair Products

Men aren’t unlike women when it comes to styling their hair and they’ll spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in order to create the perfect style. A tub of their favourite hair wax, gel or putty is the perfect stocking filler or perhaps even a heat defensive serum if they’re a fan of straighteners.ShavingShaving is something that many men would prefer to avoid as it leaves their skin red, itchy and irritated. You could really make their Christmas by making shaving much less of an issue with some of the great shaving products that are available.


As attitudes to male grooming have altered significantly over the years, moisturising is now something that a lot of men do every day in order to keep their skin soft and supple. As moisturiser is something that they’re likely to buy regularly, their favourite product will make a great stocking filler. Alternatively, if they usually just pick up the cheapest product on the shelf it might be nice to present them with a high quality moisturiser, like Dermalogica’s best-seller Active Moist, so that they can see the difference it makes to their skin.


A lot of people think that women care more about the way they look than men; however this is a big mistake which means that the prospect of aging is just as terrifying for males. In a society where looks are important a lot of people have become obsessed with finding a cure for aging – many even risking surgical treatments to keep their youthful looks. The likelihood is that surgery is a little too extreme for many people in which case the high street anti-aging creams are all there is to rely on. As many people are aware a lot of these creams are ineffective, however the high quality brands are often raved about so why not choose a cream from a high end brand to put in their stocking?

Body Scrub

A masculine body wash is the final stocking filler idea. A lot of men will use whatever shower gel is in the bathroom when they got to shower - or they’ll pick up the first one they see on the supermarket shelf – and although they smell perfectly nice they usually have a pretty feminine scent. There are plenty of men’s body washes out there that smell masculine and can be used as shampoo too.

These small but thoughtful gifts will help to create a Christmas stocking full of goodies that will be loved by the recipient and used well into the New Year.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

Soap and Glory: Righteous Butter

This product was something that I actually featured on my Winter Skincare Essentials, however I felt that it deserved a full review as it's probably one of my favourite Soap and Glory Products. Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter is a lightweight body moisturiser that not only smells divine but leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The formula itself is thick yet very creamy, and lightweight to apply. One of my main things when it comes to a moisturiser is how quickly it applies into the skin, as you know how it is: you apply a body moisturiser and find yourself having to stand in a scarecrow pose waiting for it to sink it before you can consider either getting dressed or just sitting down (I have a leather sofa so you can image how that works out). However this is a breeze when applying, like I have mentioned the formula is lovely and really easy to apply, I find that within a matter of minutes this moisturiser has sunk in all over my body and it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or oily.

I find as well that my skin instantly feels refreshed and even the next morning my skin feels hydrated and smooth. I love that the Soap and Glory signature scent lingers the day after as this happens to me one of my favourite product scents. 

Packaging wise I could go on for hours about how cute Soap and Glory's products look, from the vintage feel to quirky text. 

The tub itself is perfect as you can easily scoop out as much product as you need and then if you need anymore simply scoop or if you have too much you can simply pop it back in. That is sometimes my gripe with pump products is you feel the need to have to use all of what you have pumped out, however this way helps to reduce wasting the product.

The body butter includes aloe vera and shea butter which helps to lock in skins moisturise keeping skin feeling hydrated and soft to touch. 

I believe you can get this as a lotion in pump bottle, so if you find that butter consistencies are too thick for you, you can opt for their lotion equivalent. The 300ml tub retails for £10.50 which I think is a really reasonable price as a little goes a long way meaning the tub will last you a while. 

Overall I think this is a fab product and if you are looking at trying Soap and Glory this is one of the must haves from their range. With continued use this has completely improved the condition of my skin, especially as the winter can wreak havoc on skin leaving it feeling dry. This however is a great way of combating dry skin due to the colder weather. 

I'd love to know if you have tried this before and what your thoughts are on Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rimmel Nail Nurse Saviours

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nails Base Coat and Nail Rescue

When I first embarked on the challenge that was growing and strengthening my nails a couple of years ago I succumb to OPI's infamous Nail Envy to help with the process. After using it I swore to anyone that they were the best treatments for strong and healthy nails, however this was until I started using Rimmel's Nail Nurse collection.

Since the re-branding of their polish bottles, I have been drawn to them every time I pop into Boots or Superdrug. I love their new shaped bottles and brushes, is it just me or do the bottles look like there is more polish in them? Anyways I have noticed recently that my nails were starting to get into a state with flaking and once a couple go they all decide to break together (which is never fun for a nail junkie like myself). 

So in an attempt to help the condition of my nails once again, I embarked on the challenge of Rimmel's Nail Nurse collection. I believe there are four polishes within the range, including top coats, base coats and their Nail Rescue which is a 14 day treatment, similar to OPI. I love using both of these either on their own or with a coat of polish, I find that my nails instantly feel stronger and over the course of using them my nails in general are in better condition.

Nail Nurse Stronger Nails

For me this is one of my favourite base coats, as I mentioned my nails recently have been prone to splitting and becoming very flaky and prone to peeling. So I figured I'd have nothing to lose by trying this, and since the first use this has definitely improved the condition of my nails. Rimmel's Nail Nurse Stronger Nails has both strengthened and reduced peeling of my nails. It has really worked wonders, I find that it coats the nail to prevent picking and peeling which is a lifesaver. This base coat looks lovely on its own, it gives a natural shine to the nail whilst adding a subtle glitter (which I love). 

Nail Nurse Nail Rescue

Rimmel's Nail Nurse Nail Rescue, is something that I have used previously, and think is a great product. This product is to be used as a 14 day treatment, claiming to harden and improve the overall look of your nails within this two week period. Now having previously used it as a treatment I figured it wouldn't hurt using this as my top coat for the polish. Safe to say that this does also work wonders as a top coat, it not only strengthens the nail but provides a gorgeous shine to the nail. 

The Nail Nurse collection retail for £4.49 each which for me personally is a steal, I find they work just as well as OPI however for a fraction of the price. Currently in Boots they are on 3 for 2 so if you wanted to stock up on a couple or try a handful of the range now is best time to do so. 

One major change I have noticed since the re-design is the nail brush itself, instead of the thin brush from the old design (I have never been a fan of thin brushes) they have been replaced with a wider brush. This means for me application is easier and means that I don't apply the coats too heavily on the nail.

The Rimmel Nail Nurse collection are a great fix to strengthen and restore nails. Have you tried Rimmel Nail Nurse products before? Or are you a trusty OPI Nail Envy fan? I'd love to know!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

 Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

Now normally round the Christmas time I am a happy girlie with a chocolate advent calendar, however I could not resist the urge when Ciaté were selling their Mini Mani Advent Calendar at the reduced rate of £10. One thing I will say about this calendar is that it's more fun opening this each day then it is opening a standard chocolate one, I think when I was younger I'd enjoy seeing what shaped chocolate I was going to be surprised by. But now I'm more excited to see what shade of nail polish I will open in the selected dates door. 

I love the packaging of this calendar, the outer box has a gorgeous wintery fairisle print, and then each door is illustrated with various quotes to keep you going. Some of these quotes will be about the nail polish whereas others are from style icons from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga. 

The price of the calendar originally was £42 so when I saw at Clothes Show (on the last day) this gem was reduced to £10 I couldn't resist. Personally for me £42 was a little on the steep side as I have always had a marmite relationship with the beauty calendars purely for the high price tag, however this was a complete bargain. I think it's such a fab price considering you get 24 nail polishes including the secret exclusive polish (which I think will be on door 24). 

The calendar includes 19 of Ciaté's best selling mini paint pot shades, as well as four textured coats, including cavier balls, glitters and sequins. The top of the calendar also includes a handy topper dispenser which proved ever so useful as one of my glitters didn't quite have the lid on so did go all over my bed, but the topper came to the rescue to scoop everything up.

To begin with my first issue was that there didn't seem a lot of variety in terms of the shade range, however as the days have gone on the range has become more varied. Overall I'm really happy with the shades so far and have already put a couple to test with my Christmas nails. Despite being mini's I think they apply effortless, each has a thick brush which is perfect for my nails (can never get on with thin brushes) and is a fab way of trying different shades without paying for a full size polish.

What are your thoughts on beauty advent calendars? Do you own any? I'd love to know!


Thursday, 12 December 2013

BobbyGlam Half Up Half Down Hair Tutorial

Now that the party season is well and truly underway, there are so many things to consider when perfecting the perfect Christmas party look. From clothes to makeup to hair, I always find it hard to narrow it down to one look that I think will work. However the lovely folks at BobbyGlam got in touch to share some of their hair tutorials with me, which are perfect for the Christmas Party Season.

Bobbyglam tutorials are not only really easy to follow, but each is illustrated and presented as an image which I always find makes it easier to follow as I like to see each step on screen as opposed to reading it. Another good thing with these hair tutorials is that they can be printed off or stored on your computer/tablet for safe keeping and means you can go back to the tutorials as a reference point for specific looks. 

The half up, half down booty bouffant is a gorgeous look that can be used for virtually any Christmas event, from the work's Xmas do to your Christmas meal with family. It's a really easy look to achieve and can be completed in five easy to do steps, I definitely feel this look can work no matter the length of your hair. However I do like the look once I've popped my hair extensions in as my hair is thin and doesn't always achieve the volume that I'd like. I've actually tried this look a handful of times and now with practice it's really easy to achieve in around 15 minutes. 

What are your favourite hair styles for the Xmas season?

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