Sunday, 27 January 2013

Little Splurge

Hi loves,

I hope you've all had a fab weekend! So in my last post I told you how I did quite well in a couple of assignments, and the one reason is down to you fabulous people as some of you were involved with my journalism assignment. 

Anyways, because of this I decided to treat myself to a little something, now normally I don't tend to talk about expensive purchases because I don't want to feel like I'm bragging in anyway but recently Louis Vuitton released items from their Spring/Summer 2013 campaign and these items are utterly gorgeous. Not being able to resist I had to get this little beauty to accompany my bags.

This year their Illustre line is simply gorgeous, they have released a handful of bag charms with cute designs from this carousel to a groom version. Each charm comes with one of the iconic backgrounds from the monogram to the damier. I chose the pink carousel however because being the girl that I am, are obsessed with pink and I think the monogram is a statement piece from LV. Owning two monogram bags I felt that this would be the easier to go for, but can see myself placing this on my other which is azur despite it being white.

However how pretty these charms are they do come with a hefty price tag of £130, however being LV I know that this is a piece worth investing in and next week I will be getting the pink side hot stamped with my initials.

Sorry this post was short, just wanted to share with you all this little gem. Do any of you like to splurge on designer items? If so which brands as I'm always on the lookout for different designers.

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