Friday, 18 January 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Hi dolls,

I think this is very appropriate - SNOW! I was meant to be in uni first thing for my media law exam, however because of the adverse weather it has meant that it's now postponed until Feb 1 so it means I need to try and remember everything. Anyways, that was the reason I haven't posted much as I've been busy revising and was hoping I could get back to normal now with posts but they may be a few times a week depending on my work schedule.

I know I'm a little late on the hype but I wanted to do a review on Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation, I initially got this as a sample to try out before purchasing it but can say I am absolutely loving it. 

This is the first gel based foundation released by Maybelline, and according to the company it is free of waxes and fillers. I think because of this is one of the reasons I find it such a great foundation to apply.

Like I said I firstly got this as a sample, and have since purchased the full sized. Now normally if you follow my blog you know that I have a love for higher end cosmetics but since my life at the moment involves either being at work or uni I figured that I wanted something cheaper for everyday purposes.

However this has surpassed all of my expectations of a foundation in terms of: quality, feel, lasting power. Maybelline is a drug store brand that I do really like however sometimes forget about and therefore don't own many products from them. So as you do when something is heavily advertised you want to try it, received my sample and was a happy bunny.

Firstly as you know the shade range is different to a lot of products out there, it slightly reminds me of My Face's shading chart. The shades focus upon skin tone rather than just the shades their self, so the 12 shades are divided into three categories, fair skin is placed within the 100 colours, medium skin tones 200 and 300's fall into the dark. Following this it takes into consideration whether you feel that your skin has yellow/pink tones and then you can choose a shade accordingly. 

Further what I really like about this once you have chosen a shade for your foundation there is a matching shade for powder and concealer, which I own also (and will do separate reviews).

For my skin tone I chose shade 115 which I feel has a mixture of yellow and pink tones and matches my skin perfectly. When I apply this with a brush I find it one of the easiest foundations in terms of applications, it not only blends quickly but I find that I'm not spending ages making it look less cakey - a problem I sometimes have. 

Shade range I think is fab, even though there are 12 shades to choose from I do think there is a shade for everyone out there. I was a bit unsure getting the foundation and concealer as I didn't know if they would match as well as the foundation but they match perfectly. Probably one of the best sets I own in terms of colour matching my skin.

The coverage I find is medium, which is brilliant for my skin especially when it's having a bad week - just like it is now thanks to the stress of uni. However despite the heavier coverage it still remains very natural and flawless. The finish is very natural, so if you do have oily skin like myself this is a fab foundation as it leaves your skin very natural with a subtle glow.

In terms of lasting power I have found it between the 6-8 hour mark without powder which is brilliant! I sometimes like to pop a bit of powder on top during if my t-zone gets a bit oily, but that is nothing too major for me to not like the foundation. 

Bottle design is very simple, a glass bottle with a signature black top. Simplistic yet chic I find, and you know what it does the trick and I love a foundation that comes with a pump - it just makes out life easier.

I would go so far as to say with this that it really could rival some of the bigger named premium brands out there, especially for a fraction of the price. This has become my go to foundation for a while now and I have really fallen in love with it. 

This foundation costs £7.99 which is a bargain if you are after a great lasting foundation.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

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