Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Ultimate Fix

Hi dolls,

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts this week, as many of you will know that I've had a massive journalism assignment due in Friday, but I won't go too much into the stress of that following sleepless nights and lack of Internet minutes before it was due.

Anywhoo, one of the things I really enjoy when I have the time do so is painting my nails. However as you all know when it comes to painting your nails it can take you anywhere from half an hour to longer (including drying time), which can be annoying especially if you want to do nail art and you are constantly waiting on layer after layer.

I had been relying on my China Glaze Fast Forward top coat to help combat the drying time, however do find the smell a little bad when applying. That was when I found out about The Ultimate Fix.

The Ultimate Fix* via Beauty Narcotix

There is nothing more annoying than just finishing a manicure and you then accidentally mark one or two and have to do those again. Hence why I was so happy to try this product out, The Ultimate Fix claims to dry nail polish in a matter of minutes whilst showing chip free nails.

The Ultimate Fix is a rapid drying spray which can be applied to all levels of polish including base and top coats, and is set to leave nails stronger than before. I put this to the test the other night to not only see how it helped dry my nails but also whether it lived up to the claims of chip free nails.

As I apply my OPI Matte Nail Envy I felt no need to apply this to the base coat as this already dries quite quickly, however I did so on the next few layers of polish. It's recommended that you place the can 15-20cm away from the nails and then spray, I did so and after a minute I thought I'd be a bit cheeky and see if the layer of polish had already began to dry. To my surprise it had, and I'm not just talking dry but added pressure will mark or smudge the nail - I mean bone dry no smudging or marks. I was quite impressed by this as OPI normally recommend 90 seconds per layer for drying time.

This was the case for the rest of the layers which I was really happy about, once complete with top coat I found it took a little longer to dry completely due to the amount of layers but that didn't bother me too much because I had been so happy with the product throughout. 

To see how this combats chipping I purposely chose to add a matte top coat as I know matte is notorious for chipping. However this is how it is holding up after 4 days (including being at work, which is normally the time my nails will chip).

So far I am really impressed with this product, it has really helped saving time when doing my nails. The website states that this can saves over 20 hours drying time and will last between 40-50 manicures/pedicures depending on the usage and layers. 

A 200ml can costs £17, which actually I think is a great price considering the price of the OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to speed up drying time in half. What is your go to quick dry top coat?

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