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BassBuds Headphones

When thinking of headphones your mind will most likely jump to technology and multimedia products, never would you think of headphones being a fashion statement. However BassBuds brings the glamour to your headphones combining both style and sound.


Designed with Swarovski Elements these headphones are guaranteed to leave you looking stylish whilst enjoying your favourite songs. This is the first instance of finding a brand of headphones that are designed with fashion in mind. What intrigued me the most about the company is the wide variety of colour and styles available, you can opt for either their Classics Collection or their 2012 Fashion Collection. 

Their Classic range has 10 vibrant colours to choose from to match your style, or you can choose from their 2012 Fashion range which combines colours that unleash your own personal fashion style allowing your headphones to make a statement. I think these would be perfect to wear in the summer, because when the light hits the crystals these look stunning, the shine really gives the impression of jewellery in your ears.

You can customise these headphones further with different coloured buds which are available from the website, so no matter what you are wearing you can accessorise your headphones to match. I am really impressed after looking on the website to see the different options available, you can really make these headphones your own through simple customisation. 

As you can see in one of the photos these come with a really cute velvet carry case to minimise the risk of damaging these in your bag. The set also comes with a little guide which explains how to use the controller button for different functions, and a lookbook of the different styles available. It's the simple things like this that I find help these stand out amongst the rest.


Now I will be the first to admit that I am normally put off by in-ear headphones but upon trying these I couldn't believe how comfortable these are! I would actually go as far to say that these are more comfortable than my Apple set that I normally use, I also find the sound quality superior. To get the right fitting in your ears each set comes with three different sized silicone buds in both black and white and memory foam buds for extra comfort.

Secondly a lot of problems people experience with in-ear headphones is that they tend to fall out easily, but these have passed the dropping of the head test by remaining firmly in place. Even when lying down in bed I have noticed these are not uncomfortable when pressure is applied and I could easily leave these in my ear if I am listening to music before bed. 

To put these to the test I have gone through my iTunes which ranges from EVERY Glee song to your chart music, and I have found that no matter what song you listen to the quality sound great with these headphones. However to really get the best out of these headphones stick a song with heavy bass on, it will leave you wanting to get up and dance around the room to the beat. I am really impressed with the playback quality of these, and if I am not moving my head most certainly is. 

The headphones are also equipped with noise cancelling functions, which block out all sound completely. Literally I had these on whilst writing this review with my mom watching TV next to me and I couldn't hear a word of her programme, even better as this left me in my own little bubble complete with good music. I have also noticed how this works the other way round, if you are listening to your music quite loud people around you cannot hear it, which is music to my moms ears (excuse the pun) as she is always telling me to turn my music down. 


These headphones are made with Crystaltronics Sound Technology which is simple terms means that:

"Advances Crystaltronics Sound Technology brings you ultra-distortion free bass and crisp treble. Enter a zone of superior sound quality, High Definition crystal clear Advances Crystaltronics through your BassBuds. You will listen to your favourite songs and experience them like you have never done before!"

Each set come equipped with a microphone which means that you can use these headphones with your smartphone to answer calls, further the integrated high-quality mic means that you don't have to move the mic around to talk to others on the phone. 

Personally for me what makes these fabulous is the way the clicker acts as a controller for your music, whether you are listening to it on your phone, smart device or laptop you are given the functionality of pausing, playing and changing tracks. This device is compatible on all smart phones which is a major plus for anyone who is not operating on a iPhone or Blackberry. What's more impressive is that voice control commands are available through these, which means that if you have Siri for example you can speak through the headphones and activate her - pretty impressive!

According to the site the headphones are made from double-wrapped cable to combat splitting wires, and make them sturdier. Secondly these are anti-tangle which is a big positive for me personally, coming from the girl who manages to get any lead she owns tangled. The amount of times I have thought I have broke a pair of headphones due to how tightly they have become tangled, so I am really glad for this feature.


I am really impressed with these headphones, I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a pair! I feel like these headphones are leaving others standing not only in terms of their cute design but also with the functionality, the fact that the quality is supreme and you can do so much more with these than your standard pair of headphones. Being the pink obsessed girl that I am I must say when placed together with my Mac (in its pink case) looks pretty awesome!

These would make a fab gift for anyone who loves music, I love the black box that these are presented in. I think it completes the overall luxury feel of these, and they will be worn most definitely with style in mind. BassBuds give you a great option of bringing your love of music and fashion together, I am literally sitting here right now planning an outfit around my headphones. 

BassBuds start at £34.95 and the company have knocked £10 off, which for me I think is a fab price especially in comparison to a pair of Apple headphones.

The company are currently hosing a competition where they are giving 100 pairs away and tickets to their Celebrity launch party in London which can be found here.

Which BassBuds would fit your style best?

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