Friday, 1 March 2013

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £5.29 for 25g

Well I have to admit this is the first Lush product I have ever purchased, purely because when walking past the shop I am put off by the strong smell. However Lush lip scrubs seem to have been doing the rounds in the good ol' blogosphere as a must have product to own within your lip products. In a few posts back I did complain about having dry lips so figured I'd give this a shot.

Now I have been took back by how great this product is, I have only been using this for just over a week but already have seen fab results. Recently my lips have been in really bad condition - thank you cold weather - so they needed a good looking after. I had been looking online at things that said they would help with the dry skin but then I came across this and I thought what could go wrong for the price and it gave me a reason to try Lush.

What I found really interesting about this product is that it is made from caster sugar, not the most typical ingredient that came to mind with this scrub. However made with jojoba oil both work together to create a scrub that is gentle yet moisturising to the lips. Even better because this is made with caster sugar you can simply lick this from your lips once you have finished buffing them - win win of course!

Ok so onto how you apply this scrub, simply you an ample amount on your finger and then gently buff this into your lips and you can sort of gather when you think you have buffed enough because you will just feel it on your lips. I normally spend a bit more time on my bottom lip than the top just because it gets in bad condition, however I have cut down on the amount being used as it has worked fabulously. Once you have finished buffing the fun part comes by licking the product off - or you can go for the boring option of simply wiping it away, once this is done you just whack some balm on to help soften your lips further.

Like I said further up I have only been using this for a short time but the condition of my lips is noticeably better, I found after the first use it had got rid of the dry skin that was gathering and left me with a smooth base to apply lipstick or just balm. Normally I sit and pick at the dry skin with my teeth (bad habit I know) but now when I try and do it there is none for me to bite off.

I know this does come in other flavours such as popcorn but I can see myself sticking with the bubblegum, and with this being a 25g product I know it will last because you only need a small amount.

Have you tried their lip scrub range? What flavour is your favourite?

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