Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Superdry Beauty

Superdry Nail Paint in Rich Red*, Lip Glaze in Supply Red*, Nail file*

So I will admit I was a little excited to hear that Superdry were releasing their own range of beauty products. I am a fan of their clothes so had high hopes for these products, there is a great range online and you can also choose from gift sets.

I will start with the nail paint, now I never used to be a fan of red nails I just used to think it was an older colour to wear. However recently my opinion has changed and I am more open to wearing red as I think it looks good on whilst my nails are long. I was really impressed when I popped this on my nails, not only did it live up to its name but I was impressed with the shine given once completely dry. No top coat was needed for additional shine! However I did notice that this didn't last the week before the chipping commenced, while I was disappointed it's only the one nail that has chipped so I can live with that.

For £6 I think this is reasonable, the quality of this polish is fab but I would top coat to stop it chipping after a few days wear. 

Next up is the Lip Glaze, while it's called Supply Red I wouldn't say it was near this colour as it is quite opaque. However this makes a fab top coat to add shine to your lipstick, or can be worn on its own to give the appearance of healthy looking lips. This is slightly sticky but because of this it's really moisturising and I find it doesn't cling to the dry bits of skin on your lips which is fab. 

These have a lovely vanilla scent, which is something I love in lip products. For me it just means that if you taste any of your lip products you know you won't be met with a horrible taste in your mouth. To apply this all you need to do is twist the base until the brush fills with product and then you simply apply to your lips. 

The lip glaze retails at £7.50.

Packaging rise it's simple yet personally I felt it was really cute, especially the polishes! The polishes are literally designed just like their clothing which I think would really stand out amongst other beauty products if they were stocked in the likes of Boots or Superdrug. The majority of the packaging consists of bright neon shades which I love and think would be perfect for the summer, especially the makeup bags!

Overall I am really impressed with this range considering Superdry aren't specialists in beauty, but they have released a range which is really great quality. While the pries aren't the cheapest on the market there are some great little gems within the collection. 

You can check the rest of the range out here: Superdry Beauty

Have you tried any of the Superdry beauty range out?

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