Tuesday, 30 July 2013

£80 Topshop Voucher Giveaway

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I've team up with the lovely folks over at Appliances Online to bring you this fabulous giveaway, where you can win £80's worth of Topshop vouchers! Now being a big fan of the brand I love that you can get a great mixture of items from fashion to cosmetics.

Check out my Topshop wish list above!

T's and C's
Prize is 1 x £80 Topshop Voucher
Open to UK residents only (sorry)
The Giveaway will end on Friday 16th August
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Good Luck!!! 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pebble Grey Compact Mirror

Pebble Grey LED Compact Mirror £9.99*

Now I would imagine if you asked a girl what one of her most essential products in her bag was, the answer would be a mirror. No matter what you are doing, whether you're at your desk at work, popping out with friends or just giving yourself a quick fix you will always reach for a mirror to fix your hair, makeup and so forth. I know personally a mirror is a big part of my bag essentials, as I have the bad habit of rubbing my eyes with mascara on leaving the dreaded panda look.

Well my prayers have been answered with this gorgeous compact mirror from Pebble Grey, not only is it a standard mirror but the one half is lit with 6 bright LED lights which makes it the perfect product whilst on the go. The mirror comes with your standard frame whilst the opposite light side actually contains a mirror with a x2 magnification which allows you to see clearly.

I do quite like getting this out because I know it will catch the attention of others when they see the light whether it's during the day or night. Which may I add makes a perfect mirror whilst your out on a night out, as you know what it's like you try and touch yourself up but the lighting is never that great, so this is a lifesaver as you can pop it open and hurrah decent light to fix your makeup and hair with. 

My only gripe I have found with this depending on the light you are using the mirror in, is that it can sometimes be too bright if you have it directly in front of your face. If you do find that the light is a little too bright for you, the lights can actually provide a spotlight effect for the opposite mirror. 

I love the cute little design on the front and back, I really think it helps to make the mirror pop. It's not over the top but it's simple enough to make it stand apart from other mirrors. Packaging wise I think is absolutely gorgeous, I love the velvet pouch that comes with this. Despite the fact that I will pop delicates in pockets within my bag I still always worry about damaging or marking items, so that pouch is a fabulous addition. 

Personally I have found that this is the perfect mirror for doing my eyebrows whether it's plucking them or colouring them in. I love how this will show even the tiniest hairs that you need to get rid of, and if I am giving them a late night pluck I can flip this open for additional light, so no more plonking my mirror in front of the TV to make use of the additional magnification and where the lights are best in my room. 

This really would make the perfect gift for anyone as it is so practical and saves popping to the toilets to check your hair/makeup!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Clinique CC Cream

Clinique CC Cream in Light, £28

BB and CC creams are everywhere at the moment aren't they? I think most brands now have released their own version of either, and I will admit I am guilty of owning a few. However with saying that Clinique's Moisture Surge is the first CC cream within my collection, I've had this for a while now so can safely say my opinion on this is solid.

Clinique's Moisture Surge CC acts as a colour correcting cream which with the help of Smart Colour Correcting Technology will help restore the skins undertone looking like the picture of health.

I've never actually tried any of Clinique's foundations or creams so this is the first and I have been really surprised by how much I love this product. What I love about this is once I have applied it does a fabulous job of hiding the redness on my skin whilst allowing my skin to look natural and not cakey at all. The CC Cream doesn't provide the heaviest of coverage, I find it to be quite light but don't underestimate its power, the cream will cover most blemishes and leaves skin looking even. Depending on how severe the redness is you may have to pop a little bit of c
oncealer on, but not a lot.

What stands out most for me about this product is how quickly it takes to apply, I find it a great product to use if you are rushing out with 10 minutes to spare. It doesn't take a lot of blending which is great, and looks very natural. If you do feel that you need something with a bit more coverage this would make the perfect base for you to apply your foundation.

This is perfect for the summer as it comes with an SPF of 30, which is a great plus because no matter what the weather I always think an SPF is very important when choosing a product.

When it comes to lasting power this baby will last all day, and I'm not talking about when applied with a primer! This is not moving, which I think is brilliant, with the weather being a lot warmer of late I still find it stays put which is a big big big bonus!

There are six shades available which I believe range from very light to deep, and if you are unsure about which shade to go to the lovely people at Clinique can match it for you, I remember when I got mine they also had a handy shade wheel which they popped against my chin to decide which shade would be best.

Have you guys tried this out? What are your favourite BB/CC Creams?

Friday, 19 July 2013

What is BassBuds?

Hi loves,

I hope you have all been enjoying the fabulous weather!

This is just a quick post to let you guys know about WIBB. If you live in the London area you may have seen some of these posters dotted around:

If you have, BassBuds have launched a nationwide competition where by entering as a VIP you are entered into a prize draw where you can win some amazing prizes which include: £1,000 cash, an iPad Mini, £500 to spend at Harvey Nicols and many more. 

I think this is an amazing comp, I'm more excited for the Harvey Nic's money than anything else, which I'm sure many of you would be too!

You may remember I actually did a blog review on a pair of BassBuds earphones, and think they are fabulous! I've kind of lost my apple ones somewhere in my room and if I'm being honest don't actually miss them. They have also launched a bluetooth speaker which may be small in size but is definitely big in sound.

To enter all you need to do is pop your details in and verify the sign up email that will be sent to you.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Hi loves,

I'm hoping you are still with me, lately there have been a lot of changes in my life with finishing university (with a 1st which I am ecstatic about) getting a new job and so on. However because of all this my blog has took a back burner which I didn't want to happen but needed some time out from it to sort things out. I hope you guys don't mind, and hoping to get back on the blogging wheel once again. 

Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat £9*

So Seche Vite is probably one of the most talked and raved about top coats in the blogging world, and I couldn't wait to give this product a whirl. Now I am a fan of quick try top coats as I'm always the girl to paint my nails and within 10 minutes have smudged at least one, however since using this it has been the answer to all my prayers!

When applying this on my nails I couldn't help but notice the glossy shine that it leaves, no matter what polish brand you use the shine is there. Also I couldn't get over how quickly the nail dried I figured after a few minutes today I'd start touching my nails (instantly dreading it in my head) to see how they were getting on, and on the surface they were dry! I don't think I've come across a top coat that dries the polish as quick as this - so super impressed.

However, and yes there is a downside to this holy grail product and unfortunately that is the chipping I've found using this, now this does actually claim to be chip free but I have noticed after a couple of days this does tend to chip easily, and then depending on how long my nail polish has been on the top coat layer begins to peel which isn't nice.

For £9 this isn't the cheapest top coat in the world, as my second favourite top coat polish (China Glaze) retails for a lot less. However there is a noticeable difference between the two with the high shine gloss that it leaves. 

All in all though, I am a big fan of this. I can get over the chipping issue as I do tend to change my polish quite often depending on my mood. So if you are after a quick dry top coat than this is the one for you. 

What is your favourite quick dry top coat? And I promise I will try and get my blog posts up and running again. 

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