Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pebble Grey Compact Mirror

Pebble Grey LED Compact Mirror £9.99*

Now I would imagine if you asked a girl what one of her most essential products in her bag was, the answer would be a mirror. No matter what you are doing, whether you're at your desk at work, popping out with friends or just giving yourself a quick fix you will always reach for a mirror to fix your hair, makeup and so forth. I know personally a mirror is a big part of my bag essentials, as I have the bad habit of rubbing my eyes with mascara on leaving the dreaded panda look.

Well my prayers have been answered with this gorgeous compact mirror from Pebble Grey, not only is it a standard mirror but the one half is lit with 6 bright LED lights which makes it the perfect product whilst on the go. The mirror comes with your standard frame whilst the opposite light side actually contains a mirror with a x2 magnification which allows you to see clearly.

I do quite like getting this out because I know it will catch the attention of others when they see the light whether it's during the day or night. Which may I add makes a perfect mirror whilst your out on a night out, as you know what it's like you try and touch yourself up but the lighting is never that great, so this is a lifesaver as you can pop it open and hurrah decent light to fix your makeup and hair with. 

My only gripe I have found with this depending on the light you are using the mirror in, is that it can sometimes be too bright if you have it directly in front of your face. If you do find that the light is a little too bright for you, the lights can actually provide a spotlight effect for the opposite mirror. 

I love the cute little design on the front and back, I really think it helps to make the mirror pop. It's not over the top but it's simple enough to make it stand apart from other mirrors. Packaging wise I think is absolutely gorgeous, I love the velvet pouch that comes with this. Despite the fact that I will pop delicates in pockets within my bag I still always worry about damaging or marking items, so that pouch is a fabulous addition. 

Personally I have found that this is the perfect mirror for doing my eyebrows whether it's plucking them or colouring them in. I love how this will show even the tiniest hairs that you need to get rid of, and if I am giving them a late night pluck I can flip this open for additional light, so no more plonking my mirror in front of the TV to make use of the additional magnification and where the lights are best in my room. 

This really would make the perfect gift for anyone as it is so practical and saves popping to the toilets to check your hair/makeup!

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