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Eyeko London

Eyeko is a brand that have had a lot of coverage recently with their freebie with Glamour magazine and their revamp back in 2011. I will admit it's a brand that I have wanted to try before due to the good reviews of their mascaras and eyeliners so couldn't wait to try some of their best products. 

I hadn't really heard a lot about Eyeko in the first instances of when they were in Superdrug however since the overhaul they are now in higher end stores such as Space NK and Harvey Nichols.

Eyeko have always been known for their stand out packaging, and on first impressions I fell in love with their packaging. Now it's not your conventional packaging for mascara and brow products but I find it so practical, there is little waste and I find the tube packaging helps with the longevity of both products. The tube packaging also makes sure that you get to use every last bit of product before shelling out for a new mascara/brow gel.

Secondly I love the little guitar pick that comes with the product, I didn't actually realise its purpose at first but it is actually a shield so that when you apply your mascara you don't end up applying any under your lashes and prevents smudging, something that I think is a brilliant idea to include and is so unique. 

On to the products themselves, I have been thoroughly impressed by the selection of products. 

Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara definitely lives up to it's magical name, I have fallen in love with this particular mascara the most. When applied this mascara holds a curl without the need for eyelash curlers, and I love how within a couple of coats your lashes look full and voluminous without the need for multiple clumpy coats (which I sometimes have issues with, and after all no one likes spider lashes). Boy this mascara just carries on wowing, it's waterproof which is a major plus for me and when it comes to removing it at the end of the day it comes off really easy. This is probably one of the best mascaras that I have tried, I love the slight curve in the wand it makes application on both high and lower lashes really easy. The black magic mascara retails for £18 which while on the more expensive side, I feel is worth the price tag as I normally spend a similar amount on Benefit's They're Real.

Eyeko's Curl and Hold Curvy Mascara has probably one of the strangest mascara wands that I have ever come across. It's split into what looks like three small cylinders, but despite how weird the brush is the mascara applies really easily. Once applied it gives a lovely natural look whilst defining and curling the lashes. It doesn't give the volume that I find the Black Magic mascara does, but I do find that somedays I don't want an as defined lash so this is perfect for that. The wand shape also helps to make sure that the lashes are evenly coated and separated. Again this doesn't smudge whilst it's applied and then is easy to remove come the end of the day. The Curvy Mascara retails for £15 so is slightly cheaper than their black magic mascara.

Eyeko's Brow Gel is something that I could not wait to try out, I used to leave my brows when applying makeup as I never really felt the need to do anything to them but now I do like to take the time to tame them and colour where appropriate. The gel is great for adding definition to the brow, as I don't always need to colour them. I've had a fondness for brow gels recently, as I love the way this sets the brow to stop them from moving during the day (but doesn't leave them hard) as I have a tendency to rub them and leave them looking a little busy - note, this is never a good look. I think this is a lovely product to help add definition to the brow, I'm just note sure how this would look on lighter brows, it may be a bit too dark. The brow gel retails for £18 which again is at the higher end of their product scale.

Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is a felt tipped eyeliner pen that makes applying liner a breeze, the firmness of the pen means that you can apply both thin and thick lines depending on the look that you are going for. I love wearing this, the formula is long-lasting and doesn't smudge which is a major bonus as we all know what some eyeliners can be like, one little rub and half your eyeliner is gone. I find that this is easy to apply, especially when doing the flick in the corner of your eye and helps define the eyes instantly.

I believe that the Eyeko Skinny Minnie Liquid Eyeliner was a freebie with last months Glamour magazine, and I actually received this in navy blue - a shade I thought I'd never use. However with having blue eyes I find this works really well, it is virtually the same as the skinny liquid eyeliner and I find it has the same lasting power, consistency and the pigmentation considering it's blue is fantastic. I find this dries really quickly once on the lid so you don't have to worry about the faint lines appearing on the lower lid. 

The skinny liquid eyeliner retails at £10 which I think is really reasonable for eyeliner as even drug store ones can seem expensive as you can be spending anything from a couple of quid to £7 on one.

All in all I have really been impressed with Eyeko and they are a brand I am going to start noticing a lot more when it comes to eye products.

What are your thoughts on the brand?

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