Sunday, 18 August 2013

La Prairie Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain Gift Set by La Prairie*

Midnight Rain is described as a passionate and sexy alter-ego to your elegant daytime self, a fragrance for your wilder side. With notes of juicy fruit, sensual wood and flirty young florals this is one of the more mature scents that I own, but none the less it has become one of my favourites due to this. Truthfully I had never heard of this brand before but I have fallen head over heels with this fragrance, despite what the description says I find that it's perfect for both day and night. 

I was lucky enough to receive this gift set which includes the 50ml eau de parfum, and 100ml tube of body veil (body lotion to both you and I).

Let's start with the most stand out aspect to this set and for me that is the packaging, I love the fact that the box pretty much outlines what the bottle is going to look like. On first impressions I couldn't believe how gorgeous this bottle was for me it felt very high fashion, covered in silver glitter speckles it catches the light beautifully and for me is one of those perfumes that you don't want to simply toss in your bag to top up during the day. Once I got over how pretty it looked I didn't think golly gosh how am I going to open this darn thing due to its teardrop shape. However it's pretty easy to do so by just twisting the tip, so not as difficult as it looks.

I find that Midnight Rain has a very distinctive smell without being too overpowering, for day wear I find that just one spray on the wrist is sufficient but on a night out I do sometimes go for a couple. I don't know if this makes sense but it does smell very luxurious and high end, with exotic notes whilst smelling a little musky. 

Lasting power is amazing for a couple of sprays, even one spray will last the day whilst at work and still has a scent when it comes to five on the wrist. It doesn't smell as strong as once applied it does calm down but leaves a lovely smelling neutral scent. 

The body veil has a very similar scent to the perfume, just not as strong which you'd expect. It applies very smoothly onto the skin and smells lush once applied. I like to apply this when I'm going out as I find it complements the fragrance well.

One thing I didn't actually realise until I did some research into the perfume was how expensive it actually is, the 50ml bottle itself actually retails at £76 and the 100ml of the Body Veil retails at £25. I did expect to see a high price tag as this is available at Harrods and if I'm being honest I think I could justify the price for the fragrance purely because I can see this lasting a while with only using a couple of sprays at most. If I was using it and having to spray 3/4 times it would be a no go in terms of re-purcashing, but like I said I do see this lasting a while and probably twice as long as some of my £30 perfumes.

Have you ever heard of La Prairie? I'd love to know your thoughts on the brand.

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