Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Soap and Glory Smooth Star Body Lotion

Soap and Glory Smooth Star Body Lotion, £10

So I have to admit it, I'm a newbie when it comes to Soap and Glory body/shower products, I've used their makeup range before but never the body stuff. I was hunting around in my room and found the Xmas gift set that I purchased as a good way to try their products out. First up is the Soap and Glory Smooth Star Body Lotion, and you know for me body lotion is just an everyday item that I use and really don't have much of an opinion of until now. 

I was amazed using this for the first time before I went away as I had shaved my legs and let them get a bit dry so popped a bit of this on and my gosh the results were amazing. Instantly smooth my legs felt hydrated and shiny - win win. It feels as if you have been applying this longer than you actually have if that makes sense purely because of how soft this makes your skin.

One thing that probably surprised me the most about this body lotion is how quickly it absorbed into the skin, because we've all had those moments where we moisturise and are then left walking around like a scarecrow waiting for it to absorb. Well this pretty much absorbed instantly, which meant I could moisturise and then jump straight into bed without worrying about getting it everywhere. 

Smell wise this you can definitely pick up the extracts of almond, cocoa, yoghurt and honey which is a big bonus. It has a very sweet fragrance that smells so yummy especially while applying, which I find just makes you want to carry on applying more just down to the smell.

Packaging is typically Soap and Glory, very girly yet cute. I think this is something the brand have always done so well at, I even love the short product description on the back, it's so punny (sorry). I think this is something that has always drawn me to Soap and Glory but I'd always chicken out incase it didn't live up to its hype for me. 

The lotion itself is very thick yet creamy which means that your skin doesn't feel clogged down with the product but instead a little goes a long way and glided on the skin with ease. This means that the 500ml will last forever as I only ever need a few pumps to cover my body. The addition of the pump is also welcomed as it means you won't waste any product or over apply, and can easily twist the pump to lock it closed. 

I really cannot recommend this product enough and if you haven't tried Soap and Glory this would be a must have product to start out with.

What are your thoughts on Soap and Glory? I'd love to know some of your favourite products?

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