Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Great Hair Extensions Debate

Now if you have read my blog before you will know that I am a massive fan of clip in hair extensions. It really stems from wanting long hair since cutting my locks as a teenager, so after a while I resorted to trying hair extensions and have never looked back. I love how versatile hair extensions can be, they instantly change a look whether it be for adding volume/length or even an additional shade to update your look. is an online company that offer affordable hair extensions which come in one of the widest varieties that I have ever seen. You can choose from clip ins, micro loop, pre bonded, tape in extensions, remy weaves which you can choose the hair type (curly/straight) naturally I went straight to the clip in hair extensions and couldn't believe how cheap they were, even the deluxe sets are priced under £110.

If you are debating hair extensions I wouldn't really recommend remy clip ins, I have been using them for over 3 years and haven't looked back. I love the ability to have long hair when I want, and clip ins are probably one of the most popular types of hair extensions amongst women. With them being 100% human hair they are so practical, it means you can use heat/bleach when styling, they can be washed and cared for just like human hair. Obviously they will only last as long as they are cared for, which means it can be anywhere from 3 months to 18 months (yes I have had some sets for that long). Like I said it does really depend on how they are treated, and how long you wear them for. Naturally a set that is worn everyday all day won't last as long as a set that is used occasionally for a few hours. 

A great thing about the site is that they have a product help section which shows the colour shades available, I did notice whilst they have the more traditional shades they also have your blues/purples/reds/greens which is quite cool. If you can't decide your colour by just looking at the screen they will colour match you if you send a photo across to their team.

The site also has a length guide so you can get a round about idea of where the hair will fall, but the best way to check the length on yourself is to get a sewing measuring tape and measure downwards from your ears, this gives you a rough idea of how long your extensions will be. Another good thing about the site is that they give you application information about the different types of extensions. I remember this was something that was ever so helpful to me when I first started wearing extensions, they do the same on the site for care information. They go through washing/bleaching/styling your extensions which is a major bonus as you need to understand that hair extensions cannot restore their quality once you have damaged them.

Me with hair extensions in

They can really transform a look, I do get a lot of comments from people saying they don't realise I wear extensions. Do you wear them? If so what type? I'd love to know.

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