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The Handmade Soap Company

The Handmade Soap Company was originally founded in 2009 by Donagh Quigley and Gemma McGowan. The story behind the founding of the company is something that I find personally interesting, whilst on a road trip in Australia the couple visited a vibrant cottage industry that were selling handmade soaps which were a rarity at that time in Ireland. Founder Donagh, suffered from psoriasis so had never found a product that suited his skin, and from then the Handmade Soap Company was born.

I love the history behind this company, because I'm sure you have been in the situation where you have tried a soap product to find that it has caused irritation on the skin, truly annoying I know. A couple of summers ago I found myself in the same situation where a body lotion was causing horrible red patches on my neck, the areas were extremely itchy and embarrassing as it was something that I couldn't hide. Since then I am really careful with the items that I use on my skin.

The lovely folks over at the Handmade Soap Company sent me a few of their goodies to try and I was completely blown away by these. As all products are 100% natural, and free from parabens and petrochemicals I knew they'd be good to my skin. They not only offer the more traditional soaps, butters and lotions but they also offer a shaving range for both men and women, and a range aimed at gardeners to protect and moisturise their hands.

Now I will admit I am a sucker for cute packaging so when I saw these I fell in love instantly, I love the  colourful vintage feel to each piece. Depending on the fragrance will depend on the colour product you receive, as you can pink represents the grapefruit inspired range which is actually my favourite from the collection. Purple represents the lavender and rosemary range whilst green represents the cedar wood and lemongrass range.

If you saw my last skincare post you will have realised that I had a new favourite body lotion and will admit this pretty much reaches the same bar. Enriched with grapefruit and may chang this is gorgeously scented, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. I love applying this once getting out the shower, it's light to apply and absorbs really quickly so I don't have to worry about standing around waiting for it to dry. I love the addition of the pump, just makes application a lot easier.

The body lotion retails at £15.95 which for me is a tad pricey but I will admit you do pay for quality, and quality is something you get with this product.

I am an avid fan of a good hand cream so this was probably one one of the products I was most excited to try, and must admit it was love at first smell. With Aloe Vera and golden Jojoba oil this smells and feels refreshing to the skin when applied, despite its thick consistency it sinks in to the skin quickly without leaving an oily residue leaving you to continue with whatever tasks you may be doing. Once applied the cream leaves a gorgeous citrus scent which isn't overpowering but instead reinforces this fresh feel. Due to the thick consistency of this product a little goes a long way which means that the jar will last a while, at first I thought the jar would become a gripe for me but then realised its a great way to make sure you use every last drop of the product. The only problem is that the glass jar isn't the most practical packaging to throw into your bag however that is something minor.

The hand cream retails for £11.95 which I have to admit I prefer to a lot of the hand creams I own, and I will quite happily keep this on my night dresser to apply daily.

The Grapefruit and Irish Moss soap is the brands best selling soap, and I can see why. It not only looks lovely (may I add loving the chunks ) but feels and smells amazing. The waxy texture of this means that when lathered onto the skin it is very moisturising and leaves a gorgeous smell on the skin afterwards. Soaps are often known for their drying properties however I find that this is the opposite, it leaves the skin feeling very smooth and I find that it doesn't irritate my skin at all which is a big bonus for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin.

The soap retails for £4.50 which I think is quite reasonable because you can spend similar amounts in Lush, and for me it's worth every penny.

Now I will admit when it comes to shower gels I am normally a happy girl with just stealing my moms Radox, but wow this has stopped my thieving ways (I can hear my mom rejoice), the shower gel is perfectly PH balanced which means that it will rehydrate and revive the skin, whilst the grapefruit and may chang awakens the senses. Never used a shower gel in a pump form before, but not complaining as it makes life easy once applying it to my puff, literally a couple of pumps is all you need max. You may think you need a lot because it's a formula that doesn't lather much however because of the natural ingredients you don't expect a lot of lather. For me this isn't really an issue as I can gather by the scent whether it has applied on my skin or not. Like I have mentioned about all the other products this leaves a lovely scent on this skin and can still be smelt a few hours after your shower.

The shower gel retails at £9.95 which for a girl that has always used Radox and lower end products is personally quite expensive. However it is a really lovely product so would consider as a splurge buy.

Overall I've really been impressed by this range and cannot explain how much I have fallen for the natural range that is the Handmade Soap Company. I just wish they were more accessible in shops, I know that Bloomsbury, Fenwicks and Reeds Pharmacy's stock the range but unfortunately have none of those round by me.

Have you heard of this range before? What are your thoughts?

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