Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

Anyone with oily skin will know getting to keep makeup in place can often be a difficult task, which means that makeup is prone to slide off more easily leaving you with that shiny/oily look. Which let's admit never looks good on anyone unfortunately. 

This is a product that I had actually purchased when I went to America last year with not knowing whether it was something I could justify the price on at the time, I figured buy in Sephora and save a few dollar at the same time and take it from there really. When I purchased the Naked foundation the sales assistant had asked if I had ever used their setting sprays to which I replied that I hadn't and she expressed how the De-Slick was great for oily skin so she popped it on but I find you can never tell how good a product is after one use so it made its way onto my holiday wishlist. 

At first I found the application a little weird, purely from the idea of spraying the mist in your face (caused a couple of flinches) and then was a little worried about the idea of the spray being on my face once I had applied my make-up as you do worry that it will just remove all the makeup you have spent time applying. However its really simple to use, just spray the mist roughly 30cm away after your makeup application to set your makeup and provide a matte finish. Once you have got over the dampness of the spray it settles in really quickly leaving your face good to go and more importantly oil free. 

I find that this really does help my oil prone skin, I will admit depending on what products I have used on my face will provide different results, for example when I am in a rush I will just pop a bit of foundation on with the spray and it doesn't always work the same compared to when I have applied power in terms of lasting power - but I did expect this. However no matter what foundation/powder you apply the spray does allow your skin to remain matte even in the warmest of conditions. I love how lightweight this feels on my skin, it doesn't clog pores and just like a lot of Urban Decay products remains naked (see what I did there) on the skin. 

Urban Decay claim that their De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray keeps your makeup in tact and oil free for up to 16 hours whilst providing a light matte finish. In terms of lasting power I have found this lasts around the 10-12 hour mark, unfortunately not the 16 hours claimed by Urban Decay and only prolongs my makeup for a couple of additional hours. However I don't mind the fact that it doesn't quite reach the 16 hours as it's quite rare that I have my makeup on for that long. 

The 118ml spray retails for £19.50 so while this may seem a bit expensive this lasts forever as you only ever tend to use around 2-3 sprays to set your makeup in place. Urban Decay now also do a 30ml travel size for £9 which I think is a great way to test the product before committing to the bigger bottle. 

Overall I think that this is a fabulous product that has helped in the oiliest situation and I love how matte this makes my skin. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with oil prone skin to help combat problem areas and if you are after something that provides a little more mattifying power than powders this is definitely something to invest in. 

What do you think of the Urban Decay sprays?

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