Sunday, 27 October 2013

Butlers Bingo

Playing online bingo isn't necessarily the first thing that would come to mind for something fun to do, however after knowing people who are avid bingo players who not only enjoy playing but have also managed to win lump sums. I figured I'd have nothing to lose by trying it out, and since then I have already told my friends we are heading out to a bingo hall for a fun night out!

So over the past week I chose to take a seat inside the world of virtual bingo halls and clicked on the bingo site From there I had my cards at the ready to play some bingo, in the hope of winning a little something.

Instantly I noticed how simple the layout seemed on the site, everything categorised with its own tab, meaning all you had to do was simply click through to find a choice of bingo games, slots or casino games. 

I couldn't believe how quickly I was sucked into the bingo games, there really is nothing more fun than to watch when you see your cards highlighted and getting closer to the top, with each card going from 5TG to 2TG (5 to go and 2 to go) just hoping that you're numbers are going to be called.

There are a great range of bingo games to play from the classic 90 ball bingo to mirror bingo, one that proved to be a favourite of mine. With the aim of the game to choose one number for example 21 and then when the numbers are called out for you to win you need that number and its mirror counterpart which would be 12. A game I managed to win!

The price of cards are reasonable also, they do seem to change throughout the day but I managed to pay anything from 4p upwards for a card, and depending on the cost per card affected the prize amount that could be won.

The room navigation itself is very easy, with your cards and numbers on display from the right and social chat on the left. I do like that you can buy your cards whilst other games are on, allowing you to prepare for the next game. The chat rooms are really friendly, and as soon as you join you are welcome by the moderator, if there are any questions not only will moderators help but so will other members in the room, you are given game updates and of course congratulated on wins. 

What I really like about the site is that they also offer what they call Casino Bingo, so you have the opportunity to play casino games such as Poker and Scratch Cards. Being an avid fan of Texas Hold 'Em I was enthralled by the poker games, and was something I could easily spend hours playing. 

If you do want to try bingo sites, Butlers Bingo are actually offers new members £10 when you sign up without the need for a deposit - something that I find a great incentive as many places ask for a deposit before you get your bonus. This gives you the opportunity to play a few games of free bingo, and see what you would get for your money. The only difference with this money is that you aren't allowed to win the larger prizes, but it gives you the opportunity to try the site out before depositing money.

I won't say that I have won millions through jackpots but by playing I have managed to win a few bits and bobs here and there, and is a great way to pass an hour whilst having fun and there is the chance to win money - always a bonus!

Have you guys ever tried online bingo sites? What are your thoughts?

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