Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Clinique Plushest Punch Chubby Stick Intense

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Plushest Punch

Clinique' Chubby Sticks have always been a favourite of mine since they were released, however the one thing that would always bug me was the lack of pigmentation despite the shade. So when Clinique released a new range of their chubby sticks titled 'Chubby Stick Intense' I couldn't wait to try them out. I've actually had this particular shade for a while now and quickly become a makeup staple for me.

Similarly to the original sticks these are presented in the same crayon style which means that these are a breeze to apply, and with a quick twist of the base you can essentially sharpen your crayon without the need for a sharpener and without wasting any product. 

Chubby Sticks are a must have winter essential for me, as they contain the moisturising properties of the original Chubby Stick providing moisturise to keep your lips smooth in the cold winter conditions. After all no one likes dry and chapped lips.

The intense I find provides similar pigmentation to that of lipsticks, as you can see from the photo Plushest Punch is bright! It's full of pigmentation which means from the first application you only need one swipe of colour to add a pop of colour. However I do like t go over a couple of times just to fill in any gaps and add a little bit of extra colour. I find that the consistency of this is very rich and creamy, which means that it is soft to the lips and glides on evenly and smoothly.

The crayon itself is very easy to apply, and you can quickly fill and line your lips. I think the shape of the crayon helps a lot especially the tip as this makes doing your upper lip a lot easier.

Packaging wise it has took the same style as the original, which can be a bit of a pain when you look at shades as they are all so similar, however I find that this keeps them looking sleek and stylish. The sturdier packaging also means that they are the perfect item to throw around in your bag, and if you're anything like me - throwing a lipstick in your bag as you're leaving the house you won't have to worry with this. 

I find the wear time of this to be around the 4-5 hour mark, and after this the shade wears down to a beautiful stain which then lasts a further couple of hours. You do just have to be careful incase your outer line appears slightly darker than your stain colour as that isn't always a good look. However is easily fixed by blending your lips with your finger. 

There is something I find very safe about Plushest Punch, it's a bold pink that still feels suitable to wear during the day. The shade works well for most occasions and is something I'll pop in my bag if I'm going from day to night. 

At £17 it is at the pricer side of a lip stain, however I think it is completely worth it when you look at the pigmentation and hydration. I find that some lipsticks do not give as much pigmentation as these do, and it's not just with this particular shade, I have swatched others at the Clinique counter and they all possess similar pigmentation. 

Overall I am a massive fan of the Chubby Stick Intense, it's the boost that the originals needed.  I just wish there were more shades available as I think there are only about eight at the moment.

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