Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions: Butterscotch Blonde Highlighted

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions 16-18" in Butterscotch Blonde Highlighted*

Clip in hair extensions are something I have been wearing for around 3 years now, after coming to the foregone conclusion that my hair isn't going to grow to the length it once was, after trying for what seems like forever. So clip in's have really come to the rescue, I have gone from trying cheapie eBay ones to Sally's to now Dirty Looks hair extensions. The lovely folk over at Dirty Looks kindly sent me a pair of their 16-18" extensions in Butterscotch Blonde Highlighted

The extensions come in a really cute purple/lilac box which makes the perfect storage for not only you hair extensions but also other accessories such as bobby pins. In the box you not only receive your extensions, but also a care/instruction guide and extra clips.

From one of the images you will see that the hair is separated into two different compartments, a sample weft and the full set of hair. The sample hair I find is a great addition as with many companies as soon as the seal or packaging is opened you can't return the hair. However with this sample weft you simply pop it out and can compare to your own hair to see if it's a match, if not simply exchange your hair for another shade.

Each weft is numbered 1-8 which reflects on where you extensions should be placed, and this is described in the instructions guide. Weft 1 should be placed at the lowest part of your head near your neck and wefts 5-8 higher up on your head. There are 10 wefts in total, however the one clip pieces are not numbered as these go right at the top of your head to help blend. 

As soon as the hair came out the packaging I couldn't believe how great the hair looked: with a healthy shine, and the ends were really thick meaning that they don't become some straggly things at the end, something I have found with cheaper extensions. The thickness remains throughout the weft which is great for blending with my natural hair.

I don't even need to put all the clips in purely because there is too much hair, the combined weight of these is 160g - one of the heaviest sets I have come across. In total I only put around 6 wefts in including the 2 singular ones and they still blend perfectly. The horrid photo of me above (I do apologise as I'm makeup free) shows what 6 wefts look like and as you can see they still look lovely and thick.

Because the hair extensions are 100% remy hair this means that they can be treated like your normal hair, allowing you to style them with curlers, straighteners - anything you want. I tend to keep mine slightly wavy as I think they blend a lot better as my hair has a natural wave.In terms of holding a curl I find these work really well, I curled them last week and are still holding the same curl really well.

Overall I'm really happy with these hair extensions, they are really easy to apply and takes 10 minutes maximum. They retail at £85.99 which for me is a moderate price for hair extensions, and depending on usage they will last anywhere from 3 months to a year. If you find you get closer to the year mark these make a great investment to give your hair a makeover.

What are your thoughts on clip in hair extensions?

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