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Real Techniques Sam's Picks

 Real Techniques Sam's Picks

Some of you may know that it was my birthday on Thursday and I was lucky enough to receive this as a present from my mom (thanks!). She knows I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques collection and a little while ago I hinted to her that this collection may be released and as soon as it was, I was giving her the links ready to buy it.

So their latest launch comes in the form of this special collection created by Sam Chapman, titled Sam's Picks. This set contains a range of Sam's favourite brushes with the added addition of a set exclusive crease brush, I love how the set contains two brushes from each range: foundation, eyes and finishing giving you the opportunity to try a range of their products. 

Sam's Picks consists of: a multi-task brush, a buffing brush, the set exclusive essential crease brush,  a pointed foundation brush and a fine liner brush.

Multi-task brush

Use for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer

This was one of the brushes that I was looking forward to using most, as I was in the need of getting another of their blusher brushes for bronzer. However I need look no further, as this brush has perfectly filled the void. As with any Real Techniques brush the bristles are so soft however I find this a little more denser than the blush brush which is perfect for applying bronzer. The tapered shape makes it perfect for applying product in the apples of the cheeks, and works wonders for blending brusher.

Setting brush

Complete any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter

The setting brush is my go to for applying highlighter, especially under the eyes just above the cheekbone. The super soft bristles means that it is a great brush to use for powder as it picks up just enough product to avoid looking cakey and the tapered edge means you can apply powder in pesky areas such as around the nose and by the eyes.

Buffing Brush

Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

One of my all time favourite Real Techniques brush is the buffing brush, and after already owning this (from the Core Collection) I was in desperate need of a second however did not want to fork out on the whole set again. This is possibly one of the best brushes I have used for applying liquid foundation, and no matter which brand I find it blends effortlessly. I find this possibly one of the quickest tools for applying foundation as it can literally take a couple of minutes to perfect my base.

Pointed Foundation Brush

Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

The pointed foundation brush aims to build coverage in problem areas especially around the nose and eyes. However I tend to use this as more of a concealer brush due to its pointed end, and is perfect for applying concealer in those tricker areas such as around the nose.

Fine Liner Brush

The ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner

Now it's a rarity that I apply gel eyeliner mostly because I am a fan of liquid, so I wasn't too bothered about this brush. However I cracked it out to give this brush a shot and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with gel liner. The bristles are really soft and when applying eyeliner I find it doesn't leave me with any jagged lines which would need correcting. It's easy to create a sharp thin line and flicks are really quickly to create.

Essential Crease Brush

Soft, tapered design for effortless contouring

The essential crease brush is exclusive to this set, I haven't read anywhere that this will be released separately so looks like it could be limited. Now to apply eyeshadow I have always relied on my trusty Sigma brushes, however I have found this a lot better. The tapered end means that it fits perfectly into the crease of your eye and can be used to not only apply eyeshadow but to blend the colour also. I like to use this for darker eyeshadow colours that I want to blend into the eye whilst giving definition just above the lash line.

The set retails for £29.99 which depending on how you look at it is real value for money, if you take into consideration the price of the Core Collection than it may seem a little expensive. However I am looking at the fact you get 6 brushes and the retail value of the individual brushes making it a great little set.

This would be a fab Christmas present for someone who either wants to build their collection of brushes, or just wants to try the range out. Even if you own a couple of the brushes I always find it so handy to have one spare as I tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes - oops.

You can actually get this from LoveMakeup where they are giving a free Expert Brush with all orders, Something I kindly donated to my mom telling her she'd love.

Have you tried this set out? Or will it be on your Christmas list this year?

PS. I apologies for the quality of the photos I've recently got a new camera and I'm still getting used to the functions and generally how to use it.

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