Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter Wishlist with Joules

As of recently I have undergone a huge obsession with decorating and are currently picking a few bits and bobs before I redo my room in the new year - yes I can't wait. Naturally this has meant I have turned to the Internet to find some gorgeous new bed linen, and with the winter months ahead all I want is a nice snuggly bed to get into on a night. 

Joules range of duvet covers are absolutely gorgeous, ranging from bright and bold florals to delicate floral prints, both of which are among some of my favourites from their collection. I know this may sound cliche but I always opt for a floral duvet, I don't know why but I find there is just something really cute about it and really adds that bit of home to my bed. I am especially loving their Cambridge floral duvet which would match my room perfectly.

Depending on the size of duvet the prices range from £37.50 to £90.00 which is slightly high but I have seen similar prices in other stores.

One style of coat I have been debating since Autumn, is the quilted jacket. I'm forever seeing them, whether it be styled on others or in shops and have me in a bit of a muddle - I love the style of them but don't think they'd suit me so it's always put me off. I am however tempted to get one over Xmas and fell in love with a couple of Joules ones.

Joules range of quilted jackets are lovely, I can't decide whether I'd opt for the hooded version or not hence why I have two styles of the jacket in the post. I think the pink coat is lovely, it's just a colour I'm not sure could be used for everyday purposes. However the blue hooded jacket has me head over heels, I think there is something about a navy quilted jacket that I just love. An added bonus is the floral print lining, whilst it won't be seen by many I love the added touch to the overall design.

The Moredale jacket costs £89.95 and the Marcott £99.95 which I think is a reasonable cost for a good winter coat that will hopefully see me through many winters to come.

What do you love about Joules? I'd love to know some of your favourite items from the brand!

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