Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Nice Package

Benefit Cosmetics Nice Package

Firstly meet Snowy, I figured I'd bring him into the picture (quite literally) to add some festive cheer to my blog photos. 

For my birthday I has asked for a few Benefit goodies and this was the perfect opportunity to snap up Benefit's Nice Package, which allows you to build your own custom makeup kit consisting of four full sized items (including a freebie), makeup bag, and three samples. Within the custom makeup kit you can select an item from complexion, cheeks and eyes.

So from the complexion range I opted for the Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation, I had been toying with buying this for a while and after finishing a couple of foundations I figured I'd add another to the collection.In the complexion category you can choose from: Porfessional, the Hello Flawless Foundation, That Gal, Some Kind-a Gorgeous, Hello Flawless Powder or Dr. Feelgood. 

The next option of cheeks was probably the hardest for me, as any cheek product from Benefit is literally sold on me. But I did go for Dandelion, one of Benefit's Boxed Blushers and something I wanted to add to my expanding collection (I believe I just need Hoola now). You can choose from: Fine-One-One, Hoola, High Beam, Hervana, Watt's Up, Dandelion, ChaCha Tint, Benetint and Posietint. 

Lastly in the three items that you actually purchase is the eyes section, for which I opted for the Boi-ing concealer. Which I didn't realise was so coveted until Amy Willerton felt the need to conceal this item as part of her contraband collection. Anyways, this was another item I had swatched at the Benefit counter and really liked the look of, a couple of the girls have also popped this on my face when I've had my eyebrows done and was just one of the products that I felt like I kinda needed to own. However you can choose from: They're Real Mascara, Fakeup, BadGal Mascara, Boi-ing, Eye Bright Pencil, High Brow, Instant Brow Pencil and Ooh La Lift. 

Before I go any further in terms of products I will mention the price of this brilliant set, whilst a little steep at £62 if you take into consideration, depending on the items you choose you may find yourself way over the price tag. With just these three items it totals to around £65 so instantly you have a little saving, whilst not a lot at the moment this will add up. 

So once you have chosen your three items you can then choose a free gift from a range of eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipgloss. I actually went for one of their new ultra plush lipglosses as it was one of the only things that really caught my eye.

On top of all this you get the really cute Benefit Makeup bag which is the perfect size really for everyday use or for weekends away. It just about fits all of your items in (including packaging) so whilst it would be a snug fit I think it could fit a whole look's worth inside. 

Apart from all of this you can also choose a couple of samples, I wasn't too fussed about the samples however thought I'd try their new primer to see if it would merit it's costly price tag. So hoping that it is decent when I get round to trying.

All in all I think this would make a perfect Christmas present, or if you do find yourself needing some of Benefit's more popular products this is a great way of restocking your collection whilst saving a bit of money.

Apologies if this post seems a little rambly, I've been working Clothes Show and are now absolutely shattered. I've had a great time and I think I now just need to sleep for a month.

I'd love to know what you're favourite Benefit products are? And what would you stock your Benefit kit with?

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