Thursday, 12 December 2013

BobbyGlam Half Up Half Down Hair Tutorial

Now that the party season is well and truly underway, there are so many things to consider when perfecting the perfect Christmas party look. From clothes to makeup to hair, I always find it hard to narrow it down to one look that I think will work. However the lovely folks at BobbyGlam got in touch to share some of their hair tutorials with me, which are perfect for the Christmas Party Season.

Bobbyglam tutorials are not only really easy to follow, but each is illustrated and presented as an image which I always find makes it easier to follow as I like to see each step on screen as opposed to reading it. Another good thing with these hair tutorials is that they can be printed off or stored on your computer/tablet for safe keeping and means you can go back to the tutorials as a reference point for specific looks. 

The half up, half down booty bouffant is a gorgeous look that can be used for virtually any Christmas event, from the work's Xmas do to your Christmas meal with family. It's a really easy look to achieve and can be completed in five easy to do steps, I definitely feel this look can work no matter the length of your hair. However I do like the look once I've popped my hair extensions in as my hair is thin and doesn't always achieve the volume that I'd like. I've actually tried this look a handful of times and now with practice it's really easy to achieve in around 15 minutes. 

What are your favourite hair styles for the Xmas season?

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