Monday, 16 December 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

 Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

Now normally round the Christmas time I am a happy girlie with a chocolate advent calendar, however I could not resist the urge when Ciaté were selling their Mini Mani Advent Calendar at the reduced rate of £10. One thing I will say about this calendar is that it's more fun opening this each day then it is opening a standard chocolate one, I think when I was younger I'd enjoy seeing what shaped chocolate I was going to be surprised by. But now I'm more excited to see what shade of nail polish I will open in the selected dates door. 

I love the packaging of this calendar, the outer box has a gorgeous wintery fairisle print, and then each door is illustrated with various quotes to keep you going. Some of these quotes will be about the nail polish whereas others are from style icons from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga. 

The price of the calendar originally was £42 so when I saw at Clothes Show (on the last day) this gem was reduced to £10 I couldn't resist. Personally for me £42 was a little on the steep side as I have always had a marmite relationship with the beauty calendars purely for the high price tag, however this was a complete bargain. I think it's such a fab price considering you get 24 nail polishes including the secret exclusive polish (which I think will be on door 24). 

The calendar includes 19 of Ciaté's best selling mini paint pot shades, as well as four textured coats, including cavier balls, glitters and sequins. The top of the calendar also includes a handy topper dispenser which proved ever so useful as one of my glitters didn't quite have the lid on so did go all over my bed, but the topper came to the rescue to scoop everything up.

To begin with my first issue was that there didn't seem a lot of variety in terms of the shade range, however as the days have gone on the range has become more varied. Overall I'm really happy with the shades so far and have already put a couple to test with my Christmas nails. Despite being mini's I think they apply effortless, each has a thick brush which is perfect for my nails (can never get on with thin brushes) and is a fab way of trying different shades without paying for a full size polish.

What are your thoughts on beauty advent calendars? Do you own any? I'd love to know!

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