Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rimmel Nail Nurse Saviours

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nails Base Coat and Nail Rescue

When I first embarked on the challenge that was growing and strengthening my nails a couple of years ago I succumb to OPI's infamous Nail Envy to help with the process. After using it I swore to anyone that they were the best treatments for strong and healthy nails, however this was until I started using Rimmel's Nail Nurse collection.

Since the re-branding of their polish bottles, I have been drawn to them every time I pop into Boots or Superdrug. I love their new shaped bottles and brushes, is it just me or do the bottles look like there is more polish in them? Anyways I have noticed recently that my nails were starting to get into a state with flaking and once a couple go they all decide to break together (which is never fun for a nail junkie like myself). 

So in an attempt to help the condition of my nails once again, I embarked on the challenge of Rimmel's Nail Nurse collection. I believe there are four polishes within the range, including top coats, base coats and their Nail Rescue which is a 14 day treatment, similar to OPI. I love using both of these either on their own or with a coat of polish, I find that my nails instantly feel stronger and over the course of using them my nails in general are in better condition.

Nail Nurse Stronger Nails

For me this is one of my favourite base coats, as I mentioned my nails recently have been prone to splitting and becoming very flaky and prone to peeling. So I figured I'd have nothing to lose by trying this, and since the first use this has definitely improved the condition of my nails. Rimmel's Nail Nurse Stronger Nails has both strengthened and reduced peeling of my nails. It has really worked wonders, I find that it coats the nail to prevent picking and peeling which is a lifesaver. This base coat looks lovely on its own, it gives a natural shine to the nail whilst adding a subtle glitter (which I love). 

Nail Nurse Nail Rescue

Rimmel's Nail Nurse Nail Rescue, is something that I have used previously, and think is a great product. This product is to be used as a 14 day treatment, claiming to harden and improve the overall look of your nails within this two week period. Now having previously used it as a treatment I figured it wouldn't hurt using this as my top coat for the polish. Safe to say that this does also work wonders as a top coat, it not only strengthens the nail but provides a gorgeous shine to the nail. 

The Nail Nurse collection retail for £4.49 each which for me personally is a steal, I find they work just as well as OPI however for a fraction of the price. Currently in Boots they are on 3 for 2 so if you wanted to stock up on a couple or try a handful of the range now is best time to do so. 

One major change I have noticed since the re-design is the nail brush itself, instead of the thin brush from the old design (I have never been a fan of thin brushes) they have been replaced with a wider brush. This means for me application is easier and means that I don't apply the coats too heavily on the nail.

The Rimmel Nail Nurse collection are a great fix to strengthen and restore nails. Have you tried Rimmel Nail Nurse products before? Or are you a trusty OPI Nail Envy fan? I'd love to know!

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