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Top Cosmetics You'll Want to Find in Your Christmas Stocking

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It’s always been a Christmas tradition to fill stockings full of goodies and to present them to your family on Christmas morning however, over the years the contents of a stocking has become much less personal meaning that it never gets used and probably gets thrown out into the rubbish soon after the festive period has ended.

Nowadays people generally stuff stockings with sweets, chocolates and small toys and games however, there’s no reason why this year’s Christmas stockings need to be the same. Rather than filling your loved ones’ Christmas stockings with rubbish that they won’t use, this year go to the effort of putting thought into a simple but effective gift that they’ll be able to use long after Christmas is over. 

Cosmetics make great stocking fillers for males and females of all ages and they’re always useful, so if your loved ones can always be found checking their hairstyles and make-up in the mirror then consider these stocking filler ideas from the skin care professionals at Pure Beauty

Cosmetics for FemalesNail Polish 

Nail polish is a staple item in every cosmetics bag and it’s a product that all girls – and some guys – love and are never without, which is why it’s a great first filler for a festive stocking. Girls generally change the colour of their nails pretty often in order to co-ordinate them with the outfit they have on that day. A few new shades for their varnish collection will be something that fashion followers will adore so once you’ve got the lowdown on this year’s top shades you’ll be well equipped to head out and make an educated choice for an on trend nail polish that you can be sure they’ll use.
Make-up brushes

Make-up brushes are essential in a world where the way you look is exceptionally important but they are a particular pain when travelling. Although cosmetics brushes are essential for the application of almost all make-up, when travelling, many women find that they take up a lot of room in their luggage because they almost never fit into a make-up bag. In order to solve this all too common problem why not choose a travel make-up brush set that’ll fit easily into a suitcase, overnight bag and Christmas stocking? 
Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is another cosmetics product that the vast majority of females are never without. With a huge range of makes and colours available it can be difficult to choose so again, make sure you choose an on-trend colour and a gloss that smells pleasant, is long lasting and isn’t sticky – this one’s really important because there’s nothing worse. 


Your eyes are perhaps the most expressive facial feature and mascara is the perfect way to accentuate them – something that the majority of women do. When choosing a mascara it’s important to choose a sensible shade – black or dark brown are most commonly used – that, as well as framing the eyes, will make sure the lashes look natural too. 

Hair Products 

Women are constantly styling their hair with various heated appliances, which seriously damage the hair. This means that in order to prevent their hair from becoming dry, dull and broken they need to use quality hair products that will reinstate any essential moisture that’s been lost. When choosing hair products that are going to nourish and hydrate the hair you should make sure they contain a lot of natural ingredients – like Dermalogica’s Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner – that will leave your hair looking and feeling shiny and smooth. Avoid products that contain a lot of chemicals – especially sulphates – as these will also slowly damage your hair.

Cosmetics for Men

Hair Products

Men aren’t unlike women when it comes to styling their hair and they’ll spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in order to create the perfect style. A tub of their favourite hair wax, gel or putty is the perfect stocking filler or perhaps even a heat defensive serum if they’re a fan of straighteners.ShavingShaving is something that many men would prefer to avoid as it leaves their skin red, itchy and irritated. You could really make their Christmas by making shaving much less of an issue with some of the great shaving products that are available.


As attitudes to male grooming have altered significantly over the years, moisturising is now something that a lot of men do every day in order to keep their skin soft and supple. As moisturiser is something that they’re likely to buy regularly, their favourite product will make a great stocking filler. Alternatively, if they usually just pick up the cheapest product on the shelf it might be nice to present them with a high quality moisturiser, like Dermalogica’s best-seller Active Moist, so that they can see the difference it makes to their skin.


A lot of people think that women care more about the way they look than men; however this is a big mistake which means that the prospect of aging is just as terrifying for males. In a society where looks are important a lot of people have become obsessed with finding a cure for aging – many even risking surgical treatments to keep their youthful looks. The likelihood is that surgery is a little too extreme for many people in which case the high street anti-aging creams are all there is to rely on. As many people are aware a lot of these creams are ineffective, however the high quality brands are often raved about so why not choose a cream from a high end brand to put in their stocking?

Body Scrub

A masculine body wash is the final stocking filler idea. A lot of men will use whatever shower gel is in the bathroom when they got to shower - or they’ll pick up the first one they see on the supermarket shelf – and although they smell perfectly nice they usually have a pretty feminine scent. There are plenty of men’s body washes out there that smell masculine and can be used as shampoo too.

These small but thoughtful gifts will help to create a Christmas stocking full of goodies that will be loved by the recipient and used well into the New Year.

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