Friday, 6 December 2013

Vaseline Paint the Town Red Lip Tint

Vaseline Paint the Town Red Lip Tint

It's safe to say that I am a major fan of the Vaseline brand, it's been a staple piece of my lip care routines since my teenage years and whenever a new tin is release I find myself jumping on the bandwagon and stacking my tin collection further. Vaseline's Paint the Town Red Lip Tint is the brands latest limited edition lip balm, which gives a subtle red lip tint that is perfect for day and night. With a hint of spiced berry scent this balm is perfect for the colder months and especially Christmas.

Everyone goes on about how red is such a versatile colour, however I've always been convinced that it's a colour that doesn't suit me. That has changed recently though, and I really think that this lip balm is a perfect way to try a subtle red lip to see whether or not it's a shade you'll like. I was quite surprised to see how build able this was for a tint, you can either opt for a little on the lips for a hint of colour or build it up for a more neutral red.

Pain the Town Red is the same as other Vaseline products in terms of the nourishment and lip care, so the tint is like the cherry on top. Perfect for the winter this will help heal dry and cracked lips leaving them feeling soft, revitalised and looking good. Vaseline has been a staple of mine for many years and I find that no matter how many times it's updated with new collections they still all work the same and help keep my lips in tip top condition.

Packaging wise this product is a little gem, in the traditional Vaseline tin it's really convenient to pop in a bag and take on the go. Granted it may get a little scratched and dented, as most of mine do, but it doesn't take a lot of room up and it means it's always there if need be.

This retails for £3.49 which you know doesn't break the bank, and I don't mind paying this on the pot as I find they seem to last for ages. I know a few places do have the Vaseline on offer (Tesco did) so you may be able to pick it up for even less.

I think this is such a versatile product, it's so smooth to apply to the lips and gives great colour payoff. I wasn't sure if I'd be sold on the colour to begin with but I have been won over, it's strange but the scent reminds me of the winter season and all the connotations you have such as warm fires, mulled wine ect.

I have actually heard this works well over a matte red lip so I think this would be perfect to add a hint of moisture to dry matte lips. Anyways who doesn't want to look good whilst treating chapped lips?

What are your thoughts on Vaseline's Paint the Town Red Lip Tint?

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