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Beauty Reward Cards

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If you are a regular beauty shopper you will have no doubt heard of beauty reward cards, a fab way of earning points and rewards each time that you spend. As much as I like to have a splurge on beauty items it's still important to make savings on these little luxuries. Beauty cards are a great must have for your purse as they can be topped with points and exchanged for money off beauty products in store or online.

I know you can get more than what is pictured above, but these are the four beauty cards that I own, and honestly the ones that I use the most. I have owned others in the past, such as the Body Shop but didn't really get a lot of use from them. If you are anything like me you'll be tempted by a free points card, and I figured I'd give you guys the lowdown on some of the beauty cards available on the high street.

Space NK N.dulge card

Space NK's N.dulge card was actually the latest addition to my beauty card stash, with this you receive 1 point for every £1 spent in store and I believe online. Once your points mount up to 1000 you will receive a £5 reward which can be used against any product. You can track your points online by logging in to the N.dulge section of the site and what I love about this card is that if you don't have your card on you at the time of purchase you can simply ring their customer service helpline with your receipt and they will be able to add the points to your card. 

By signing up for the N.dulge card you will also receive exclusive emails which includes a birthday treat, and news about the latest product releases, sales and private events. 

With all of the cards, there is one slight downside to it and that it inactivity of the card, if you fail to reach 1000 points within a 12 month period the points expire, and if your card is inactive for 16 months it becomes invalid and can't be used which is sadly disappointing as I don't visit Space NK as much as other beauty stores. 

Debenhams Beauty Club

Probably one of my favourite beauty cards is the Debenhams Beauty Club Card, you receive 3 points for every pound spent in store

Once your points mount up to 500 you will receive a £5 reward, and 1000 points equal £10. Each month Beauty Club members receive an email with their card balance which is a great way of finding how close to earning a reward you are, and most importantly finding out what rewards you have. I love that no matter the amount on the card it be can took off any beauty purchase in store, so you can part pay for items with your Beauty Club Card points. If you don't have your card on you at the time of purchase you can also go back into store and redeem the missed points with the original receipt. 

The points do expire however, I think it's normally around the 6 month mark but it does state when the points will expire on your card balance, and you will get a follow up email one month before they are about to expire. Another good perk with being a member of the Debenhams beauty club you get free delivery with the beauty club promo code. There are also regular instore and online events which enable you to earn anywhere between 500-1000 extra points in one transaction. 

The only gripe with this card is that you have to wait until your points are converted into rewards the following month, however I normally spend this time figuring out what I want to buy.

Boots Advantage Card

The Boots Advantage Card is my other favourite beauty card, and probably my most used store card. With the Boots Advantage Card you receive 4 points for every £1 spent in both store and online. 

Every few months you receive additional vouchers through the post, which include extra points when you either spend a certain amount or buy a certain product, these are a great way to boost the amount of points on your card. You can also visit your local Boots store kiosk machines to see what offers there are and print those to spend that day, these again include extra points on items or when you spend a certain amount. Once again if you forget your card when purchasing items you can simply return with your card and receipt and the points can be popped onto your card. 

Boots have also introduced Treat Street which allows you to collect advantage card points with over 100 retailers, which I find a great addition to quickly accumulate points. 

However my only gripe with this card is that you need to have enough points on your Advantage Card to cover the cost of the item you intend to purchase. Unlike the other cards, they do not accept yours points as part of the payment, disappointing I know.

Superdrug Beauty Card

Superdrug's Beauty Card was actually the first store card that started my budding collection, you earn 1 point for every £1 that you spend both in store and online, so 100 points would equal £1 to spend in store. However while you can receive points when spending online you can't actually spend these points online. 

The major bonus with this card is the ability to part pay for items, meaning that if you have 300 points on your card you can choose whether to use 300 points or 100 and this can be done in multiples of a 100. A little grip with this is that if you go in store and forget your card you can't go back in with the receipt to redeem the points back which is slightly annoying. 

Although the card doubles up as a mirror I don't really use it as one, purely because mine is so scratched from being in my purse. But the idea is good, as it does stand out from the other beauty cards in my purse. 

Overall I think beauty reward cards are a fab way of making great bargains. Over the Christmas period I was able to buy a Mac eyeshadow for £4 and buy the Vera Wang Princess Gift Set in the sale for free by using my Boots points. I think if I had to choose my favourites it would definitely be between Debenhams and Boots purely down to the range of products available allowing for some great savings to be had and allow you to be savvy with your money.

What are your favourite reward cards? Have you managed to get any bargains with yours?

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