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Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Collection

Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Collection

So the Duo-Fibre Collection by Real Techniques was something I was a little hesitant with buying, purely because of the mixed reviews I had heard. I figured though why not give them a shot as I was yet to come across a bad brush from the brand and I knew I wouldn't be able to pass up yet another collection from my favourite brush brand. 

The Duo-Fibre collection consists of three brushes, the duo-fibre face brush which is designed for lightweight application and blending of face powders or pigments. I love using this to apply my powder as it doesn't leave the skin looking completely matte, it applies a sheer cover that leaves my skin looking natural. The duo-fibre contour brush is designed for controlled contouring and sculpting, but I like to use this for adding a hint of blush or bronze, as I can sometimes be a little heavy handed I find this helps to lightly pat powder onto the cheeks without looking like Coco the Clown. The duo-fibre eye brush is designed to add finishing touched to the eyes, and has become a favourite brush of mine for blending on the crease line when applying eyeshadow. 

One of the main differences visually with these brushes is that the casing is white as opposed to the colour coded purples, golds and pinks. However don't let the lack of colour confuse you on their function, as the function is written on the side of the brush in the colour of its purpose. I actually really like the addition of the white casing, I love the breakup in colour amongst my brushes and don't think the side descriptions will come off as easily as they do on my others. 

The duo-fibre collection is designed to work with cream, powder of liquid products to create an airbrushed finish. These synthetic taklon brushes are quite different in terms of density in comparison to other Real Techniques brushes, the bristles are quite sparse and that's down to the duo-fibre feature of these brushes. 

I think the main thing with this set of brushes is learning how to use them, as I find the colour pick up is light and quite sheer. These brushes provide a lighter application that leaves your makeup looking more natural and glowing, in comparison to other brushes. I feel that I have more control over application when using these brushes, especially with blushers and bronzers. It means that I can build up the look I want quite easily, and don't end up applying products too heavily but instead leaving a lovely glow to the cheeks. 

I find that these provide a lighter application that looks more natural, in comparison to other brushes. I feel that I have more control with the products that I apply when using these brushes, especially with blushers and bronzers as I can build up the look easily and don't apply any product too heavily. 

The packaging actually states that this set is limited edition, however I have managed to get these a few months after their initial release. However saying that I'm not sure how limited they are, whether it be a 6 month or 12 month release, but you may be able to get these in Boots in their buy one get one half price offer. 

This set retails for £23.99 which I think is a fab price for the set, as always. Slightly higher in price than some of the other sets but completely worth it in my eyes as it works out at around just under £8 per brush. 

Have you tried the Duo-Fibre Collection? If so I'd love to know your thoughts on the brushes and what you use them for.

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