Friday, 3 January 2014

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor by Taylor Swift 50ml EDP

You may have seen in my Christmas haul that I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous perfume from my parents. Being a big fan of the Taylor Swift perfumes, I could not wait to get my hands on her latest scent Taylor. Taylor is the third perfume to be released by Taylor Swift, and the first to step away from her fairytale Wonderstruck line of perfumes. Previously Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted have been inspired by a feeling usually to do with romance, however Taylor reflects a more personal side reflecting the singers style.

I find the scent of Taylor a lot maturer, richer and creamier in comparison to her previous scents, with notes of fresh fruits, tangerine, lychee and magnolia petals this makes a lovely feminine scent. The middle notes of this perfume continue with the apparent floral theme, with peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids. However this is contrasted with muskier base notes of creamy sandlewood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and a blend of woods. Overall this contains a delicious scent that is highly addictive once sprayed onto the wrists. 

Something you notice quite instantly after spraying this is how strong the scent is, you can literally get away with one spritz on the wrist. However the one good thing with this being such a strong scent is that it lasts ages, I had read some negative reviews on this stating that the lasting power wasn't particularly good and couldn't understand why. I popped this straight on Christmas day, probably around 9am and come 9pm you could still smell it on the wrists. I popped it on the following Saturday to go shopping and for food and found yet again it has an immense staying power, which for a celebrity fragrance is probably the best I have come across. 

Packaging wise this once again is a stark contrast to her previous scents, I find the glass bottle gives off retro vibes and reminds me strangely enough of those retro milkshake glasses - which I weirdly love. The top of the bottle is adorned with a vibrant mix of swirls which adds to the retro feel of the bottle. The crystal lid actually reveals a removable pearl band, which I'm not really sure how you could use on it's own as it's a little too big to be worn as a ring. 

I found it interesting when I heard that the bottle had been designed to embody Taylor Swift's retro with a modern twist flare. The pearls on the lid are actually inspired by the necklace that Taylor wears when dressing up any outfit, and the crystal lid is a nod to Taylor's love of crystal gems. 

A gold 13 is stamped once again on the top of the boxed packaging, and I have read online that the number 13 is also hidden on the bottle - which I didn't know about. I can't say I have found it yet purely because I haven't had chance to pop upstairs and give the bottle a quick inspection to find it. 

Overall this is my favourite of all three perfumes, it was literally love at first scent. Despite the fact this is being sold as an EDP the staying power definitely has some kick to it. 

As per usual this is a really affordable fragrance, with the 30ml retailing for £22, 50ml for £29 and the 100ml for £39. However if you are still shopping the sales you may be able to spy this in your local Debenhams or Boots, as the 30ml gift set is currently half price which ranges between £11.50-£15.00. 

Are you a fan of the Taylor Swift fragrances? I'd love to know which you're favourite is.

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