Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Love Hearts Candle

Love Hearts Candle
Love Hearts Candle
Love Hearts Scented Candle £1

It's safe to say that I have recently acquired an obsession for candles and these cute Love Hearts candles are perfect for a romantic Valentines setting. These cute candles are designed on the famous Love Heart sugary sweets, which not only taste good but look the part also with those little 'Be Mine', 'Kiss Me' slogans printed on each sweet. 

Now we don't always want to fork out money on pricier candles such as Yankee or Neom, so it was a little surprising to come across these candles in both my local Poundland and B&M. I'm not going to lie, I saw the packaging and the fact that they were designed on Love Hearts and I was instantly sold. These are similar to the Skittles and M&M Candles that Poundland sold last year, and these newer additions tempted my sugary desires. 

I picked these candles up in Strawberry Kiss and Luscious Lilac and was surprised at how lovely these smell once burning. Scent wise they aren't too overpowering but leave a light yet cosy smell lingering.

I will be honest, when I say I wasn't 100% on the quality of these products when I first picked them up. Because one, they came from Poundland and two I have come across a few products which aren't as nice as these shall we say. So with saying that when I had a little sniff of these candles I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh these smelt. I find that the lilac candle is slighter stronger scented that the strawberry, but both leave a light scent in my bedroom. 

The only thing I do find with these is that they burn dirtily if that makes sense, hence the reason I didn't clean the candle in the second photo to show you instead of trying to describe it. But I find that sometimes the glass jar needs a wipe or the candle wax itself as it has the tendency to build up with black smoke from the candle wick. You can see this in the photo of the burning candle, which hey it can be easily wiped. 

For a £1 you can't really grumble at both the quality and price of these, and admittedly I adore the gimmick of these sweet candles. I have since picked up a couple of Chupa Chups candles in Strawberry and Strawberries and Cream, can you tell I have a strawberry obsession? Each candle comes in a lovely little ridged glass jar, which I know will be perfect for storing other bits and bobs around my room. 

Have you tried any of the Love Hearts candles? Or Poundland candles? I'd love your recommendations!

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