Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

Lush, Lush Tea Tree Water, Lush Tea Tree Water, Lush Tea Tree Water Reviewa
Lush, Lush Tea Tree Water, Lush Tea Tree Water, Lush Tea Tree Water Reviewa
Lush Tea Tree Water - £3.95

Admittedly I do not own enough Lush products, with my local being small I usually pop to the face masks or the lip scrubs and then I'm gone, but during my last visit their Tea Tree Water caught my eye. Being a big fan of their face masks I thought I couldn't go wrong by branching out and trying another of their skincare items.

The Lush Tea Tree Toner Water is described as an antibacterial spray that will help keep away the bacteria that causes spots. This can be used anytime of the day, whether it be to keep skin refreshed, or as part of your nightly skincare regime. I find that my skin has the tendency to break out easily, from it being that time of the month, stress or simply not a lot of sleep and feeling run down. So with that I'm always after products that can help combat my skin and keep it looking fresh. 

I've been using this toner during my nightly skincare regime, after taking off my makeup and cleansing my face. How I apply this does change night to night, some nights I will spritz a couple of sprays on a cotton wool pad and dab around my face which brings off any makeup or dirt left on skin, and overall leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean before applying moisturiser. Other times I will spray this directly on to the skin as a mist, if my skin doesn't feel or look as bad as it quickly evaporates into the skin and you can feel it working into your pores. Preferably I like to pop this onto cotton and then apply to my skin, I just feel like it's doing more then with removing any last traces of makeup or dirt and then cleaning the skin. 

After using this I have noticed that my skin looks refreshed and even, the oil from my t-zone disappears and redness is significantly reduced. The toner is great to apply under makeup also, as it helps balance the appearance of skin and on acts as a great skin pick me up for the day ahead. 

Lush's Tea Tree Toner comes in two sizes, 100g which retails for £3.95 or the larger 250g bottle for £7.50, which are both really affordable. I know the 100g bottle will last absolutely ages, even when using it daily. 

Overall I have noticed a major difference in the appearance of my skin when using this, my skin feels cleaner and my breakouts are less often and not as worse. I find that when I do have breakouts the addition of this helps to calm them quickly. This is another miracle skincare product from Lush which does exactly what it says on the bottle.

I'd love to know what you're thoughts are on the Lush Tea Tree Toner, or your recommendations for other toner waters?

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