Monday, 24 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy 50ml £48

I have been wanting to try a Marc Jacobs fragrance out for what seems like the longest time, and what better excuse to get my hands on one of the perfumes, than Valentines Day? So I asked hinted to the boy that I liked Marc Jacobs Daisy and that Debenhams had 10% off fragrances, so essentially I was helping to save his pennies. Anyways fast forward to Valentines and he handed over my bagged perfume, and I couldn't be happier.

Marc Jacobs Daisy is described as the essence of a youthful spirit, with a sparkling floral bouquet scent that is wrapped in both comfort and warmth. The scent has base notes of vanilla, white woods and musk, with top notes of strawberry, violet leaves and grapefruit and heart notes of violet petals, Jasmine and gardenia. For me this is a scent that works for both day and night, I find that when sprayed on to the skin it can appear a bit strong but this does settle down after around 10 minutes, leaving a gorgeous floral scent. If you have read my other fragrance reviews you may know that I am a big fan of floral scents, and this is again a perfect example of a delicate floral scent that doesn't verge on being sickly at all, instead the floral scent remains fresh and crisp on the skin. 

I find that this will last on my skin the majority of the day and can spray this on for work in a morning, and when I get home there is still a subtle scent on my skin. If you were to take this from day to night you would have to reapply for a stronger smell, but that something to be expected. 

Now the design of the bottle is where I truly fall in love with this perfume, with the delicately shaped daisy lid. This is one of those designs that I find caters to the adult market but at the same time wants to stand proudly and pretty amongst your other perfumes. It's one of those that I wouldn't want to throw away when empty due to how cute the floral decorations are, I love also how the daisies seem to bloom around the gap, growing in size. 

The 50ml bottle retails for £48 which I think whilst being on the slightly pricier side of perfumes, is worth every penny. I find that I only need a couple of sprays when applying to the wrists due to the strong fragrance and know despite being worn frequently will last a long while.

Daisy has quickly become a signature scent of mine, I find this to be a very feminine smell and it's one of those that I seem to love the scent more once it sinks into the skin. I always think the way a perfume sinks into the skin is a major thing, because sometimes a perfume can change completely and you can go from loving the scent to disliking it. However this isn't the case with Daisy, it's a gorgeous scent that is made more loveable by the feminine floral design. 

Have you tried Daisy? What is your favourite Marc Jacobs perfume?

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