Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Soap and Glory Dr Spot

Soap and Glory Dr Spot, Soap and Glory, Dr Spot
Soap and Glory Dr Spot, Soap and Glory, Dr Spot
Soap and Glory Dr Spot - £8.00

The past 3 weeks has taken a battering to my skin, with being on a range of antibiotics and generally being ill, my skin has unfortunately suffered. This has meant redness and pesky spots have made a home for themselves on my face. With going back to work this week after being off last due to illness, I was in need of something that would help clear my skin up quickly of the spotty mess it had become, and on my search found this little gem in my skincare basket. 

Dr Spot is described as a super strength breakout clearing gel that contains pore-refining salicylic and lactic acids which they like to describe as a poreshrinker. The gel also contains a blend of irritation soothers, redness reducers and oil secretion slowers which means that this gel will not only help clear spots, but also tightens pores, reduces redness and inflammation whilst smoothing the skins surface.

Being a fan of spot treatment gels I was interested in seeing how this would work, and honestly I'm surprised at how well this little beauty healed my skin. The next morning my blemishes had reduced significantly and the redness in my face had almost gone. I've been using this a few nights now to help clear up the rest of my skin and have been able to see visible changes each morning, I can feel my skin getting back to the condition it had been.

Dr Spot is really easy to apply to the skin, you only need a pea sized amount to cover the face. I like to simply dab this over blemish areas that you wish to treat and leave it to sink into the skin. This does start to give a burning sensation once on the skin, but I always think that this means that it's doing something to help heal my face. Dr Spot is a clear gel so you don't have to worry about white patches, like how you would if you were sporting the Sudocrem face. Being a clear gel this makes a great product to use under makeup as it's not sticky and will help reduce blemishes throughout the day. 

The only gripe I do have with this product is that you have to be careful when opening the tube as it has the tendency to start spilling outwards, meaning you do a quick dash to scoop up the product to avoid wasting any. 

Despite this you do get fantastic value for money, for £8 you get 15ml of product which compared to Clinique's 15ml for £14 or Origins 10ml for £14 again. I think this is on offer at the moment in Boots for either £5-6 which makes an even bigger and better bargain to be had. 

Since Soap and Glory have changed their skincare packaging, I have fallen in love with the simplicity of it. It does have that clinical feel to it, but I think this works for skincare as they have really upped the anti to give the appearance of a brand that will work wonders for your skin.

This makes a great cheaper alternative to the higher end spot gels, have you tried this out? Or are you a fan of higher end blemish treatments?

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