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A Guide to Mac Lipstick Finishes

Mac Lipstick

I wanted to do something a little different today, purely due to my love of MAC lipsticks. I always used to find myself getting easily overwhelmed when looking at the lipstick counter in MAC. However now I like to go and have a nosy through the vast array of colour shades to pick new ones to add my to ever growing collection. What makes MAC lipsticks amazing, is the fact that they do not end with the wide range of colours, but they also offer a great variety of lipstick finishes. With 9 (13 in total including non-standard finishes) different finishes to choose from I hope this post offers some insight into the wonderful world that is standard MAC lipstick finishes.

Standard Mac Lipstick Range


Amplified lipsticks are not only smooth and creamy but also highly pigmented. The opaque coverage is very similar to that of matte lipsticks, however the creamy formula means that this finish won't dry your lips out. This is a great choice for those who don't want to opt for the matte look but want to try something different. Amplified lipsticks last for around 3-4 hours and I think there are only a couple of colours available, these include: Chatterbox and Sensual Sparks. 

Amplified Creme

Amplified Creme lipsticks I find are very similar to Cremesheen, as the formula is very creamy and glossy. Coupled with the same pigmentation of the amplified formula, these lipsticks are very moisturising and hydrating on the lips. The only downside I find with this formula is that because of the glossy formula the wear time for this is around the 2 hour mark, and does have the tendency to bleed unless you use a lip pencil to line the lips. Amplified Creme shades include: Craving, Girl About Town and Up The Amp.


Not only are Cremesheen lipsticks the most popular MAC finish but are also a personal favourite of mine. Cremesheen lipsticks do exactly what they say on the tin and that is providing a creamy and highly moisturising finish to your lips. These lipsticks provide a good pigmented colour to the lips and leave your lips looking glossy. For that reason they aren't the longest lasting lipsticks, and last around the 2-3 hour mark. However I find this the most easiest and flattering formula to wear and shades include: Creme Cup, Hot Gossip and Speed Dial. 


Frost formulas are as you can imagine very shimmery, so I don't always find the shades very flattering. However when you swatch certain shades it's impossible to not find them stunning, and personally I find a lot of the lighter shades wearable, it's when you get to the darker shades that I find the problem lie. Because of the shimmer they don't always look good once applied to the lips. For this finish you really do have to swatch in MAC to get a true idea of how they will look. Frost lipsticks provide quite a good coverage and last for around 2-3 hours. Shades include Angel and Creme de la Femme. 


Glaze formulas are probably the sheerest that you will come across when it comes to MAC lipsticks, despite this Glaze lipsticks are perfect for natural looks and I always find they give a your lips but better look. I have found Glaze lipsticks to be very moisturising however only last a couple of hours tops. Shades include Hue and Pervette. 


Lustre formulas are quite similar to glazes, they give a sheer coverage yet are still quite glossy. The coverage is better in comparison to glaze formulas and I find these to be one of the most easy to wear formulas. Shades include Patisserie and Syrup. 

Matte lipsticks are the one formula I was a little hesitant about trying, however I don't know why. Matte formulas are one of the most drying lipstick, yet provide the longest staying power of all. I can easily get anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the shade I'm wearing. As the name suggests matte formulas don't contain sheer or gloss, they are simply opaque and provide some stunning shades. Shades include Ruby Woo and Please Me. 

Retro Matte

Retro Matte formulas win the award for being the most drying formulas of all MAC lipsticks, however provide the truest matte formula (yes even when compared to the Matte formulas). Again just like Matte lipsticks these provide great staying power and can last between 5-6 hours. There are only a few shades to choose from, but all are bright and striking. Shades include All Fired Up and Dangerous. 


Satin formulas are quite similar to Matte lipsticks, whilst not as drying they do provide a subtle sheen on the lips. The easiest way to describe Satin lipsticks would be as semi-matte, I find that these last for around 3-5 hours depending on the shade. I like these when I don't want a full on bright matte shade and shades include Brave and Rebel. 

I hope this post has been insightful, I'd love to know which you favourite MAC formula is?

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