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Beauty Blogger Tag

beauty blogger tag
The Beauty Blogger Tag

A little while ago the lovely Steph from MerryMusing tagged me in her Beauty Blogger tag, and I don't know why it has took so long to do. However I am here now, and looking forward to doing this tag.

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging all the way back in 2011, and had been reading beauty and fashion blogs long before then. I would always read these blogs and think I'd love to do this myself, so one day I went ahead and started my own little site in the blogging world.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

It would be Fleur from Fleur De Force, it was one of the first beauty blogs I ever read and the first that I kept going back to. 

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product that you bought? Was it worth the hype?

This would have to be Urban Decay's Naked Palette, I actually remember going all the way to Debenhams and buying the last one. I had never spent such a high amount on makeup before so I guess it's rememberable for a couple of reasons. Fast forward a couple of years with all 3 Naked Palettes under my belt I can safely safe it was worth the hype. 

What are your five favourite things about blogging and being a Beauty Blogger?

Wow this was hard to narrow down.
  1. The community, if you follow me on Twitter you will know I'm an avid participant in the bblogger chats every Sunday and Wednesday and it's a brilliant way to chat to some lovely people. I have also had the opportunity to meet some lovely people whilst at events, and I can't wait to get myself into a routine so that I have the time to attend more events in the future.
  2. Photography, my blog has allowed me to re-ignite a passion for photography. I used to love taking a camera out with me just to take photos of any little thing and then whilst at uni I kind of lost this passion. However my blog has meant that I love taking photos again and has really shown as I have gone through about 4 cameras since starting my blog.
  3. Discovering new blogs, one thing I love about blogging is reading and watching others blogs/videos. I can spend a good couple of hours checking out new posts and are always on the lookout for new blogs to follow. 
  4. Having something I feel proud of, I used to be one of those who'd flutter from one thing to the next and never seeing something through to the end. However since starting my blog I have found myself with something that I like to continue to do and ultimately feel proud of - and that is honestly one of my favourite things about blogging. 
  5. Expanding my makeup collection, becoming a beauty blogger has allowed me to experiment with makeup in a way that I had never thought possible. It may be hard to believe but growing up I used to be quite the tom boy, and then I went through a phase of heavy gothic makeup. However since starting my blog I have experimented with makeup, and gone from owning just 5 makeup items to probably 100s - yes that's including everything from makeup brushes to nail polish.
What have you learnt from being a Beauty Blogger?

A lot of things actually, from html to design. Apart from the techie stuff I have also learnt a lot about beauty I know that might sound a little silly, but I have picked up so many makeup tips - stuff that I probably wouldn't have known if it weren't for blogging. 

Have you changed anything since becoming a Beauty Blogger?

Yes, the amount of money that I spend on beauty products. Like I said before I owned probably 5 beauty products mainly Miss Sporty. Now I'm walking up and down beauty aisles looking for the newest releases and have spent so much on a range of high street to high end makeup. 

What advice would you give to a Beauty Blogger just starting out?

The one piece of advice I'd give to anyone starting out would be to be passionate about what you are doing. By loving what you do you will easily find your own style and voice and the enthusiasm will really come through in your writing. Don't be in it just for the free stuff, I have heard a lot going round that some are in it for the freebies, but this shouldn't be the reason for blogging - do it because you have a passion for it. 

What are your top 5 makeup brands?
  1. MAC was something I had always been aware of due to the hype surrounding the brand and since trying their products out I cannot fault the brand. It's probably my most purchased brand due to my love for their lipsticks, powders and much talked about range releases.
  2. Benefit this kind of speaks for itself. Benefit have gorgeous packaging and this is how I get drawn in so easily. Not only is their packaging gorgeous but their products are also just as great, I own pretty much all their boxed blushers and a lot of my makeup consists of Benefit.
  3. Urban Decay have to get a special mention as the Naked palette was my first high end purchase. The brand have become renown for their Naked palettes and is simply the reason for Urban Decay being included in my top 5. 
  4. Real Techniques cooked up quite a storm with their amazing range of makeup brushes. Not only are these brushes amazing they are also reasonably priced. It's safe to say I own most of the collection and all there isn't one brush that disappoints. 
  5. Rimmel holds a special place in my heart, this is the first brand that I tried as a teenager and still use today. Despite the high street price tag their products perform to a high end level, including the infamous 107 lipstick. 
Recommend your top 5 beauty products
  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette, you knew it was coming. The Naked Palette is an absolute must for anyone, despite it's high end price tag you are actually getting a bargain when considering the individual eyeshadow price. The palette can easily take you from day to night and is one of the only palettes I have ever come across where you can use every shade included. 
  2. Benefit They're Real Mascara, I know a lot of people are divided when it comes to this product, however since it's release in 2011 I have been an avid fan since. I think I'm on about my third tube of the stuff, and I adore how this looks on my lashes. It instantly gives the appearance of longer and thicker lashes.
  3. Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Matte Lipstick, this isn't really a shade I'd have gone for a few years back. However this is one of those colours that everyone must own, I find it just works for every skintone. It's the perfect matte lipstick, it provides a great coverage and lasts all day.
  4. Collection Concealer, I think most people have either heard or tried this product. For such a cheap product the results are amazing. This concealer manages to cover blemishes without appearing too cakey and lasts most the day. Honestly if you don't have this concealer you really need to give it a whirl.
  5. MAC Creme Cup, I think I have mentioned this several times before, but this is my all time favourite MAC lipstick. Personally I find this to be the perfect nude, and works for almost any occasion. I even have a spare bullet ready for when my first is finished (yes it's coming to the end of its life).
I really hope you enjoyed this tag as it has been a while since I have done something like this.

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