Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hair Quick Fixes

Hair Quick Fixes, Hair Accessories
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Do you find that some mornings you just can't be bothered with your hair and just want a style that can be achieved in minutes? Well I seem to have gotten myself into this routine lately, combined with not washing my hair everyday I sometimes wake to find my hair looking a little worse for wear and needs sprucing up with my handy dry shampoo and hair accessories. I thought I'd do something a little different today and share with you some of my hair quick fixes that help keep bad hair days at bay. 


I am obsessed with wired and unwired headbands, not only do they look cute but can instantly transform any look. I always feel very Blair Waldorf when I wear these, and are a great way to accessorise an up-do or a simple pulled back look in-between washes. These headbands are perfect for any look - day or night - and come in such a vast array of colours and prints, I literally own loads and cannot fault their effortless style. 

Chunkier headbands are also perfect for hiding your roots between going to the hair dresser, because if you're anything like me I don't always fancy going every couple of months for a touchup (bad I know), and so by popping a headband on it helps hide my growing roots. 


Who doesn't love bows? I find bows one of the simplest and most easiest ways to transform your hair, so when I find myself sectioning parts of my hair back such as my fringe I like to clip it into place and then pop a bow on top, it just makes my hair look girly and spruces up even the dullest of looks. I often like to match bow patterns with whatever I'm wearing that day. 

I love to transform bigger bows from hair to fashion accessory, they are perfect for creating a bow tie look on shirts - yes I have done this!

Hair Clips

What doesn't a hair clip fix? Stray strands of hair, clipping your fringe out your face ect. I always carry a couple of hair clips with me wherever I go. The most basic hair accessory yet probably the most used, there's nothing a hair clip cannot sort. These are great for transforming bad hair days into good ones and simply keep those pesky hair strands at bay leaving a neat look. 

However saying that I swear I have a hair clip monster in my room that likes to eat away at my clips.


Scrunchies are back and not only are they pretty but practical too! Available in an array of patterns, colours and styles, scrunchies are perfect for adding a cute look to an up do. I'm quite a big fan of scrunchies with little bows as they just add a lovely finishing touch to your ponytail, which is perfect for the summer. Currently scrunchie styled ponytails are my go to style for hair that is between washes as it not only looks neat but it really practical. 

Hair Donut

I am a massive fan of the hair donut, apart from those that are bigger than you're head - just why? Hair donuts are perfect for turning second and third day hair into a chic up-do or messy bun, either way both look fab! Best of all? You can achieve either look in a matter of minutes and no one is to know you got help from a little shaper. 

Elastic Hairbands

Slightly different to my other hairbands and something I find a little easier to wear. I adore smaller elasticated headbands, many of mine have dainty patterns which are really easy to style. I love these as they are the perfect accessory for keeping your hair from your face whilst be decorated with a cute design. What makes these perfect is that they are double elasticated at the back which helps the brand from falling back - something that I find happens a lot with others - which means no having to keep pulling the band forward. 

Kitsch Headbands*

Kitsch headbands are probably my favourite to wear for more relaxed days or where I'm looking for something that adds a pop of colour to my look. Kitsch are designed to be kind to your hair which means they refrain from snagging or creasing your hair - perfect for when you do move the band and don't have to worry about having creases in your hair from where the band has been. Just like the elastic headbands these don't fall backwards off your hair and are perfect in the summer to keep your hair from your face and quickly transform your look whether it be a messy bun or a way of adding  volume to your bangs when pulled back. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, like I said it was something different but I really enjoyed writing.

I'd love to know what you're quick hair fixes are! Let me know.

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