Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites

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LtoR: Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo, Mac Legendary, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush, Mac Angel, OPI Matte Nail Envy and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was writing up last months favourites, and here we are again - a new month and a new selection of favourites. 

Dry Shampoo is one of my must have essentials, and is the perfect way to spruce up day old hair. Since going darker I have found that the original dry shampoo formula hasn't been doing the job just right, and I think this is purely down to the white/grey mist that shoots from the bottle. Instead this month I opted for their medium and brunette formula as the hint of colour helps blend the dry shampoo easier, I don't have to worry about double checking my hair for any hint of greyness as this is the perfect shade match and helps blend my roots - which is perfect as I don't plan on getting my hair done for a few weeks - as I'm toying with the idea of going blonde again. Honestly I am starting to prefer this formula to the original purely down the fact that this is a lot easier to blend. 

Mac Legendary Powder Blush £19.00

Unfortunately there is no link as this product is no longer available as this was released quite a while ago as part of the Mac Marilyn Monroe collection. It's safe to say that I had forgotten about this product along with the other blusher from this collection, purely down to the fact that it had been hiding in my draw to be left in there for a while. However this month I found myself looking for a daily blush for work and came across this beauty, Legendary is a gorgeous soft coral blush which adds a subtle hint of colour to my skintone making it perfect for everyday use. This blush is a satin formula, which means that it contains a light shimmer making it my staple everyday blush for May. 

There's a bit of deja vu going on here as I recently featured this product in my top concealers post, and couldn't resist popping it in my monthly favourites. For a drug store product this is perfect for covering blemishes and dark circles, and not only that but I find that the colour match is that true to my skin tone that I can get away with popping this on my face to cover troublesome areas and leave it on its own for days I want a very natural look - no foundation needed - and I mean just popping to Tesco for groceries. The creamy formula means that this is a breeze to apply, and works evenly and quickly into the skin making a fab concealer to use. 

Since Real Techniques launched in Boots admittedly I have forgot all about my Sigma brushes, and it was only until I was waiting for my blush brush to dry that I remembered I have a couple of these in my makeup brush pot. Away I went swirling this in my blush pan, and instantly I remembered why I fell in love with this blush brush. It is recommended that this brush is used for contouring, however I find the shape of this brush is perfect for applying brush as the rounded edge is great for applying blusher into the apples of your cheeks and I know that if I am a little heavy handed with my blush I won't come out looking like a clown as this lifts just the right amount of product up and blends effortlessly into my cheeks.

Who can resist a staple nude lipstick? I certainly can't! Made famous by Kim Kardashian I had to give this lipstick a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this looks on the lips. Angel is a soft pink shade which translates into the perfect nude, and I honestly find that no matter the look you are going for it is perfect for any occasion whether it's a day at work or a meal out. I always worry with nude shades incase they leave my complexion looking washed out, but this is completely the opposite I find it complements my tone and I think this is purely down to the frost finish which adds a subtle shimmer. It's safe to say that this could take over Creme Cup as my favourite Mac lipstick!

Who doesn't love an OPI splurge? Honestly it's one of those items that I don't necessarily need but always want, and I have found myself this month relying on my OPI Matte Nail Envy as the base to my manis. What I love about this is not only does it help the condition of your nails, with strengthening them and helping them to grow but it also makes the perfect base for your nails. Because this is the matte formula it dries with a matte finish (surprise surprise) and because of that it leaves your nails looking bare as if nothing has been applied - I don't know about you but I really hate glossy base coats, I couldn't tell you why but they just aren't my cup of tea. Anyways, I love the fact that this is matte as it means I can leave my nails bare for a couple of days and know they are still being protected before popping a bit of colour on them. I have included the QVC link as this is a little on the pricey side for just one bottle but you can get 2 for just a few pounds more off QVC. 

I only have my mom to blame for this purchase, as a fan of the Dramatically Difference range she urged me to give it a try myself. After opting for the gel formula I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this moisturiser felt on the skin, it's lightweight and instantly hydrates the skin. I notice every time I apply this how soft my skin feels the next day, and the Clinique SA told me that the gel version is water based instead of oil so helps keep breakouts at bay. I find that this doesn't make my skin oilier and instead I feel that this is a great moisturiser to apply at night and has quickly become one of my favourite moisturisers this month!

So they were my favourites, I'd love to know what you're are!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Too good to conceal

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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Smashbox Convertible Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer, Benefit Fake Up and Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

I will be honest with you, I kind of forgot how brilliant concealers are up until recently. Since jumping back on the bandwagon and using concealers mainly as a light foundation I have re-discovered how these gems can perk up even the dullest of skin, and thought I'd share with you some of my favourite concealers. 

Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer is one of my favourite drug store concealers, and is perfect for covering blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. It's one of those products that I find matches my skin tone to a tee, and when applied this feels really lightweight on. I always notice with this how quickly it brightens up my skin and conceals blemishes effortlessly. One of the bonuses with this concealer is that it doesn't look cakey on the skin, which you can sometimes find with concealers that offer a medium coverage. At first I thought I'd hate the doe foot applicator but find that this works well with this product, allowing you to dab the concealer on the appropriate areas and then blend out with a brush. The creamy consistency means that this is a breeze to apply and blends quickly, and is a saviour for you oily skinned beauties as the formula dries to a matte finish that lasts for around 6-8 hours. 

If you ask most beauty bloggers what their holygrail concealer is, Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer is most likely to come out on top and with good reason. This probably offers the best coverage of any drug store concealer I have tried, and covers redness and dark circles really well without being too cakey. Once again this concealer has a doe foot applicator which means you can simply dab this onto the areas you need to add concealer too and simply blend out. I haven't worn this for 16 hours straight so cannot comment on the claims that it lasts for 16 hours but can tell you it does last all day on my skin which can be anywhere from a 6 to 8 hour day. 

Smashbox Convertible Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer (Fair) 

This is actually very hard to find online, I think it may be discontinued now which makes me glad I got a two pack of these off QVC. Now this is a weird product in the sense that it can be used wet or dry for custom coverage, but I think this is partly the reason for me liking this concealer so much. The Smashbox 2-in-1 concealer can be used as either a liquid or cream concealer depending on your preference, and I have to say I much prefer the cream concealer as it offers a richer consistency that gives brilliant coverage and blends really easy into the skin. This is one of those products that offers the choice of light or medium coverage and adds a gorgeous natural glow to the skin. 

Benefit's Fakeup is a multi-purpose concealer that not only conceals blemishes and dark circles but also contains a hydrating moisturising balm which is made from Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract which helps plump and brighten up dry skin. It's a bit of a weird one to look at because the moisturising balm offers a shell around the concealer, which I had not seen before this. This is my perfect under eye concealer as it instantly brightens up my eyes even after the worst nights sleep, and this baby doesn't not budge during the day. I can look perky in a morning and still look wide awake as I'm running out the door from work, and let's just finish this up by saying how gorgeous is the packaging? Benefit you nailed it once again!

Described as an industrial strength concealer this product had a lot to live up to, and boy does it leaving your skin imperfection free. This cream concealer does not feel heavy on the skin yet still manages to congealer pesky blemishes and brighten dark circles without looks cakey. A little goes a long way with this concealer and it's one of those that I would feel confident wearing alone just covering any major problem areas as it blends really well with my skin and I don't have to worry about it wearing off during the day. 

Throughout writing this post I just had the words 'conceal don't feel' in my head - thanks Frozen. Anyways, they were my favourite concealers and I'd love to know what yours are!


Monday, 26 May 2014

Top 10 over £10

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LtoR: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer, Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, Benefit Bella Bamba, Urban Decay Naked 2, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Benefit They're Real, Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturiser, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

I recently did a post sharing my top 10 under £10 and I now figured I'd share with you my top 10 makeup and skincare buys for over £10.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural £22 - Link

As far as face powders go this is the only powder that I have found helps set my foundation and keeps my skin from looking like an oily mess throughout the day. I think I'm on about my third pan of this, I find that this powder provides a light coverage without looking cakey over my foundation. It provides a smooth matte finish which I adore, and normally during the summer I like to apply this just on its own. Overall this is my favourite face powder!

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder £24 - Link

For me bronzers are something that I am only recently acquainted with, this is purely down to the fact that I have always worried about wearing bronzers incase my skin ended up looking ridiculously orange and dirty. However when I popped to Space NK and the SA told me to try this out in the shade Bronze 01, I was instantly sold, the idea of a bronzer that was light enough for my skin without leaving it looking orange was a miracle. This leaves a gorgeous glow on my skin that is light enough to look natural and overall the perfect bronzer for my pale skin. 

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense £17 - Link

I was instantly sold on Clinique's original Chubby Sticks, however when they released the intense range I couldn't wait to try these out with the promise of richer shades and a soft glossy finish. I love how bright the shade range of these are, I have included Plushest Punch in the photo which is a vibrant pink that is perfect for the summer. What makes these even better is that when they do start to fade you are left with a gorgeous light tint. They are releasing new shades within the next few days and I honestly cannot wait to see the new shades for summer!

Benefit Bella Bamba £23.50 - Link

Benefit have to be one of my favourite overall brands, and I do have to admit I have a slight obsessed with their boxed blushers. This was actually the second blush I had ever purchased from Benefit, and I am so pleased that I did. This is my favourite Benefit blush and can't believe they discontinued it - I'm hoping they re-release under a new name. This is the perfect blush for perking up my complexion and adding a pop of colour and shimmer that is not too bright, but makes the perfection blusher option for the summer. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 £37 - Link

Now it wouldn't feel right to do a top 10 post and not include one of the Naked Palettes. It was a tough choice between Naked and Naked 2 but in the end went for Naked 2 as it's the palette I probably get the most use out of. This is the perfect palette for any look whether it be day or night, there is a shade to suit every collection. For £37 it may be on the pricer side of eyeshadow palettes but I think when you take into consideration the amount of colours you get and the wearability of each shade this makes a must have palette for any collection. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy £48 - Link

Marc Jacobs Daisy has very quickly become my signature scent and not only does it come presented in probably the most gorgeous perfume bottle I have ever owned, but it smells amazing too! This is one of those scents that can go from day to night, and lasts that long too! Honestly I can pop this on at 9 in the morning and it's still on my skin at 5, with saying that I find that after a few minutes after applying this to the skin the scent changes and I don't mean that in a bad way leaving a floral feminine scent that I really recommend you trying next time you're in a perfume shop if you haven't before. 

Benefit They're Real £19.50 - Link

Back to Benefit again, however this time I had to include their They're Real Mascara, which is by far my favourite mascara - I think I'm onto my third tube already. It may be a bugger to remove but I can live with that because of how it gives my lashes length and volume. It wasn't until I saw Benefit's Lisa applying this on a model on QVC that I realised a new way of applying this mascara, and that's using the nib of the wand to lengthen lashes. I know a lot of people say they tend to find hughstreet / drugstore products that work just as well when it comes to mascara but I am yet to find one that competes with this. 

Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturiser £39.50 - Link

If you're reading this you may think I'm a bit mad for spending that amount on what is essentially a moisturiser, but with good reason. I initially tried this as a sample and this beauty worked wonders on my skin, I find that whenever my skin is in the need of a little TLC this helps rejuvenate and give my skin the pampering it needs. If I'm suffering from a bad breakout this is the only moisturiser that helps quickly clear my blemishes and I'm not sure if that is down to the anti-stress that is in the name, as stress does play a big part in my blemishes or if its just a gimmick - either way it works. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua £33 - Link

Last but certainly not least is Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, and is most definitely worth the splurge. This is a lightweight foundation that helps blur any imperfections and leaves a very natural finish. You do have to really shake this foundation well due to the watery formula, which was a little worrying for me and my oily skin however it keeps the oil at bay. This foundation provides a light/medium coverage which lasts anywhere from 8-10 hours and gives the the kind of your skin but better look. 

So there we have it, my favourite products that are worth splurging on. I'd love to know what you're favourite high end products are!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor BB Cream

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Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor BB Cream £8.00 - link

BB Creams are my go to summer skincare, and often choose these over foundations. I received Soap and Glory's Fell Good Factor BB Cream in one of the Christmas gift sets that they released and honestly I wasn't sure what to expect from this. Being a fan of both their skincare and makeup ranges I had high hopes for their BB Cream.

Fell Good Factor is described as a silky-smooth, light, brightening, colourless BB Cream that is loaded with skin-rejuvinating moisturisers with the addition of an SPF25 UVA/UVB to help fend off wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. This all-in-one multitasking cream packs a lot of punch as it acts as a booster serum, moisturiser, primer, skin-tone evener and sunblock.

This isn't like any other BB Cream that I have come across before, in the sense that the formula is colourless. Upon looking into this more, I found that this isn't the kind of BB Cream that you can use to replace your foundation, instead it's intended to be used alongside your favourite base to enhance your makeup. I think that this actually falls more into the moisturiser category than the BB Cream. 

When I first started using this I was a bit confused as to how to use this because of it being called a BB Cream. So I used this as a moisturiser/primer before applying my foundation, however when I did use this I found that it didn't work brilliantly on my skin. The formula is quite thick which means that it doesn't sink in very quickly and you are left sitting and waiting for the formula to settle before applying your base. I find that it doesn't help keep my makeup on for any longer either and sometimes have to be careful as I tend to apply this a bit too quick and then I'm spending a good time buffing a mixture of foundation and moisturiser. 

With saying that if I use this on a night as a moisturiser I don't mind the fact that it takes a bit longer to sink in as I don't have to slap anything else on my face. This leaves me skin feeling moisturised and instantly adds a glow to my skin perking up my complexion.

Formula wise this this is a little oily so it's not the best for those who suffer from a bit of additional oil. Despite the oiler formula I have found that this doesn't break me out more than anything else, I had read quite a few reviews from people saying that this broke them out. So if you do have oily skin you may want to be a bit careful as there is the risk of it breaking you out. 

Soap and Glory claim that this contains Suntrigger Technology which uses sunlight-activated spheres that deliver extra protection for when you need it, and on the plus side this product contains antioxidant 'vitamin balls' C & E which enhance the skins natural defences against oxidative stress and free radicals. 

Overall this is a fabulous product for the summer due to it's high SPF which will help keep you protected against sun damage. I'm not overly convinced by this product as a primer, but as a moisturiser I'm sold. This instantly hydrates my skin and I find myself reaching for this when my skin is in need of a perk. For £8.00 this doesn't break the bank either so is a great option for a mid-market moisturiser.

Have you tried Feel Good Factor? I'd love to know your thoughts!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask, Stylelux, Blackhead Killer, Peel Off Mask, skincare, beauty, face mask, bbloggers
StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask, Stylelux, Blackhead Killer, Peel Off Mask, skincare, beauty, face mask, bbloggers, swatch, face mask swatch
StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel off Mask* £14.95 - Link

When it comes to skincare I am always on the lookout for those miracle products that will help the  overall condition of my skin, since I was about 11 (yes I was an early starter) I have suffered from unstable skin that can break out at any given moment. So when StyleLux offered me the chance to try their Blackhead Killer Masks I jumped at the chance to see if these would do what it says on the tin and help improve the condition of my skin. 

StyleLux's Blackhead Killer Masks are described as a remarkable and all-natural new skincare sensation from America, which removes pimples in just minutes. These packets claim to lift pimples, blackheads, impurities, excess oil and redness from the surface of your skin. On paper I wasn't sure how good these masks would be however I was pleasantly surprised after the first mask.

Probably the weirdest thing about these masks has to be the thick black formula that seeps from the packaging, on a first glance this doesn't look like the best thing to apply on your skin. But when reading the packaging I found that these are actually made from all safe and natural herbal ingredients, meaning that I felt more confident when applying this to my skin. 

I applied this just as I would with any other facial mask, and then allowed it to dry on the skin. On the packaging it says it would take 10 minutes to dry, instead I found it took more like 15-20 minutes to completely dry. Once dry this sets into a hard easy to peel off mask, and this is where the mask goes to work. When you begin to pull this mask off it honestly feels like it's ripping a layer of your skin off, at one point my eyes were watering on the sides of my face where there is some facial hair or the skin is more delicate -honestly my mom had to help pull it off softly - with saying that thought, on areas such as my forehead it was fine to peel off. Due to the pain I did really feel that it was ripping the blackheads from my skin, which is good. 

After using this I could see a noticeable difference in my skin, at first it was a little red but I put that down to the force of the mask. My skin however did feel more refreshed and clearer, and I did notice that one of those blind boil spots that I had actually came to a head this morning - honestly it was a shocker looking in the mirror this morning. I thought woah! where have you come from? Now this is a little warning to where the story goes a bit rank, but I only had to touch the skin in that area for all the badness to make its way out and through the day the redness has reduced and the spot is not so fierce anymore and almost gone - I have never had a boil go so quickly.

These 10ml packets may sound small but each contains a lot of product, and more than enough to cover your face. Each pack contains five of these 10ml masks, and is recommended that you use one of these masks every week to 2 weeks meaning that these will last a good while.

Overall I really think these work wonders on the skin, and are completely worth the pain you experience with them. To see such instant results is almost miraculous, and whilst they may be a bit expensive I do think they are worth the money when they work wonders on my skin within the matter of 24 hours!

What are your thoughts on blackhead masks?


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Benefit Bathina "Soft to Touch...Hard to Get" Body Oil Mist

Benefit Bathina "Soft to Touch...Hard to Get" Body Oil Mist, Benefit, Benefit Bathina Review, bbloggers, review, skincare, benefit
Benefit Bathina "Soft to Touch...Hard to Get" Body Oil Mist, Benefit, Benefit Bathina Review, bbloggers, review, skincare, benefit
Bathina "Soft to touch...hard to get" £26.50 - Link

I hope you have all been enjoying the lavish weather today, it feels like Summer is finally making its way here, that is probably until the Bank Holiday weekend next week. With that said one thing I love about the Summer is realising that I don't always want to hide my legs away, which means the quick rush for soft and silky skin. That is where I have found Benefit's Bathina body oil mist to be perfect.

The Bathina bath ranges was one of the first I recalled being released by Benefit when the company first launched. Since then Benefit have relaunched the Bathina range with the "Soft to Touch...Hard to Get' Body Oil Mist. Benefit's Soft to Touch...Hard to Get is described as a lightweight body oil that gives immediate hydration, a seductive sheen and a touch of tempting fragrance. Simply mist it on for silky, smooth skin that's impossible to resist. This mist also doubles as a seductive massage oil. 

Now I will be honest in saying on first glimpses this was a product that didn't initially shout out as a must have for me. However when I was intrigued by the pretty bottle and then was sold on the first spritz onto my skin. 

It's recommended to apply the oil mist directly onto freshly showered skin to lock in the moisture, all you need to do is lightly mist this all over and smooth into the skin for a gorgeous soft sheen. I do tend to apply this in a morning or on a night if I find that my skin needs a bit of a pick up and honestly works miracles, especially on freshly shaven skin. What I really love about this product is that it isn't greasy at all, it quickly sinks in leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth and glowing. I have noticed that when using this my skin also looks healthy and moisturised which is perfect for the summer. 

I am in love with the scent of this mist, with a light mix of perfume and power - if that makes sense. The mist has a base of sweet almond, olive and avocado oil which helps to keep your skin moisturised with a hint of Jasmine. I find that the scent isn't overpowering but you can smell it on the skin if I have applied it in a morning before work. 

I can't not comment on the gorgeous packaging, it looks perfect on my vanity dresser. Best of all the bottle is plastic so if you suffer from butter fingers like me you won't have to worry about dropping it and the bottle breaking. I adore the vintage boudoir inspired design, and its safe to say it's a typical Benefit product in terms of its unique packaging. 

Overall this nourishing body oil mist is perfect for nourishing your skin and added a healthy sheen. However with saying that it's £26.50 tag means that it's more of a treat than a necessity, and would be perfect for times where you need a pamper or a treat. 

What are your thoughts on Bathina? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Soap and Glory Heel Genius

Soap and Glory, Heel Genius, Soap and Glory Heel Genius, Beauty, Bodycare, Review, Soap and Glory Review
Soap and Glory, Heel Genius, Soap and Glory Heel Genius
Soap and Glory, Heel Genius, Soap and Glory Heel Genius
Soap and Glory Heel Genius £5.50 - Link

I'm going to share a little secret with you all and say that I don't really look after the skin on my feet, so often my feet go quite unloved with little to no moisturising involved. However with summer on its way I thought it was about time I gave my feet some loving with Soap and Glory's Heel Genius, so that I could wear my summer sandals and wedges once more. 

Heel Genius is described as a soak-in foot mask that smoothes and softens your skin whilst you sleep. This is perfect for overnight use and Soap and Glory recommend popping a pair of socks on after applying this so that it locks in added moisture. 

When squeezing this out of the tube I was quite surprised to see that the cream was blue - honestly I was just expecting your bog standard plainly coloured creams. When you start massaging this into the skin it transforms into a thick translucent cream, which does remain on the skin for quite a while leaving your skin feeling quite sticky which isn't great if you are after a cream that sinks into the skin quite quickly. I do find myself applying this and then kicking my feet in the air for a couple of minutes before popping a pair of socks on. 

I find that after applying this my feet feel moisturised and super soft in the morning. After around 3 days continual use you find yourself applying this less often as your skin remains soft and moisturised. I tend to now use this once a week which means that this tube will last a good while. 

Scent wise this stands apart from other Soap and Glory products as it doesn't carry their signature scent. Instead when moisturised into the skin you are left with a gorgeous minty scent, I've heard quite a few people say they dislike the strong scent however I find it to be quite lightweight and doesn't linger for too long. 

Some of the ingredients include: glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol and fruit acid smoothers - which  when combined together make the perfect foundation for smooth heels. 

For £5.50 this is a steal, as it does exactly what it says on the tin and more. A small amount goes a long way which means that I won't need to repurchase this for quite a while. Soap and Glory are currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so this is the perfect time to grab an extra bargain!

Overall I find that this is the perfect pamper product for my dry feet and honestly helps prepare them for summer sandals. If you were like me and would use your body butter to moisturise your feet, stop right now and make sure you invest in this little gem. 

Have you tried Heel Genius? I'd love to know what you think!


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Top 10 for under £10

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LtoR: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, L'Oreal Super Liner, Maybelline Smokey Eyeliner Pencil, Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick, Soap and Glory Hand Food, Topshop Head Over Heels Cream Blush, Soap and Glory Dr Spot, Collection 2000 Concealer, Collection 2000 Cream Puff and Garnier Micellar Water

I often love to mix my makeup between high end and drugstore products, and today I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you all my top 10 makeup and skincare buys for under £10. 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99 - Link

For me Real Techniques are really dominating the market currently with their range of fantastic makeup brushes. I am honestly yet to find a brush I dislike, and for this reason I included their Expert Face Brush. This brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation and really helps blend any foundation that I am using effortlessly. I like that when using this brush I can have my foundation applied in minutes and not have to worry about it not being blended properly. One of my favourite face brushes!

L'Oreal Super Liner £6.49 - Link

L'Oreal's Super Liner has been a favourite of mine for years, and probably my holy grail liquid eyeliner. The sponge nib really helps to create the perfect cat eye, and I think this would be great for beginners who want to create a cat eye. This is probably one of the blackest eyeliners I have ever come across and it dries quite quickly, I do find that when I have popped this on my eyes it will last all day which is a major bonus. I have loved this eyeliner for quite sometime now and don't think I'll find another liquid eyeliner that beats this. 

Maybelline Smokey Eyeliner £5.99 - Link

Maybelline's Smokey Eyeliner is a recent discovery for me, but a firm favourite also. I love using this on days where I don't want to use a liquid eyeliner and find that this is really easy to create a straight line over the top of my lid. The little smudger is perfect for when I'm applying this with eyeshadow to create the perfect smokey eye. Again another ideal product for beginners who want to re-create a smokey eye.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick £5.49 - Link

Kate Moss's lipstick collection for Rimmel has to be my favourite drug store lipstick range ever! I own pretty much the whole collection so couldn't narrow it down to just one for this post. I find each shade to not only be very pigmented but they also last anywhere from 3-6 hours which for a drugstore brand I think is fab. The packaging is gorgeous and love how they are finished with Kate's signature, a small touch which I think just finishes the design off perfectly. 

Soap and Glory Hand Food £5.00 - Link

This is one of the first Soap and Glory products that I was introduced to, and with good reason. I found that I was really suffering from dry hands when I used to work in retail, after I used Hand Food I noticed a big difference in how my hands felt. They were suddenly a lot softer and healthier and since then I have been obsessed with this product. As a bonus I love the quirky packaging!

Topshop Head Over Heels £7.00 - Link

I am a big fan of Topshop's makeup range and honestly when I was finding this on the Topshop site I was expecting this to be around the £9.00 mark so I was pleasantly surprised. Head Over Heels is a gorgeous peach shade that is highly pigmented. These cream blushers settle to a matte finish and honestly only need the small amount on a stippling brush to give a lovely glow on the skin. Topshop really can rival other drugstore and some high end cosmetics brands with their range of gorgeous makeup. 

Soap and Glory Dr Spot £8.00 - Link

Soap and Glory's Dr Spot has been a lifesaver over the past few months, as my skin has suffered quite severely due to a mix of tablets. I have found this rivals spot gels such as Clinique and Origins and for a fraction of the price. I pop this on at night and find that redness is significantly reduced and spots will have started to heal. Soap and Glory have done it again with a great product that does really work.

Collection Lasting Concealer £4.19 - Link

A firm blogger favourite, and I can see why. The Collection Lasting Concealer is one of the best if not the best concealer I have tried, the creamy formula helps conceal any redness or spots and I've really been needing this of late. I find that when I apply this in a morning it lasts all day and is still visible when I finish work. It's brilliant for brightening my skin under my eyes also, a fab all round product.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream £2.99 - Link

Another Collection product and with good reason. I am a big fan of Collection's Cream Puff Lip Cream, these matte lip creams are actually very moisturising to the lips so you don't have to worry about using these and then them leaving you with dry chapped lips - a bonus for a matte product. These are highly pigmented and lasts a good 3-5 hours before the colour starts to fade significantly. I do wish that they would build the colour range of these as there are only four shades available at the moment which is a shame. 

Garnier Micellar Water £4.99 - Link

Last but not least, Garnier's Micellar Water is pretty self explanatory as I have banged on about this for quite some time. It's one of those products that does what it says on the tin, and for a makeup remover this is quite cheap yet does the job really well. I love to use this in a morning to refresh my face also and gently cleanses the skin. A fab product that is a great alternative to Bioderma.

So these are my top makeup and skincare products for under £10, I'd love to know what yours are!


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Eau de Parfum

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Eau de Parfum* - 5ml Link

I don't know what it is about Spring that makes me want to try out new perfumes, but I can't help myself. Honestly when I'm presented with a pretty shaped bottle, I'm sold in an instant and the smell is just a bonus. As a fan of scents that are floral I couldn't wait to try Salvatore Ferragamo's Signorina Eleganza perfume.

Signorina Eleganza is the latest perfume to be released by Salvatore Ferragamo for Spring/Summer 2014, and is described as a luxurious fragrance that celebrates feminine grace and seduction. The scent is inspired by the strong bond between Salavtore Ferragamo and young feminine women who are not only trendy but showcase timeless modernity, creativity and a hint of audacity. As an Italian native this gorgeous perfume reflects Italian style perfectly, and is one of the reasons I adore this scent. A fun fact about this perfume is that the name Signorina is a chic Italian name that literally means young woman who is stylish and full of life and the welcome addition of Eleganza means Miss Elegance.

The top notes of grapefruit and pear really stimulates your senses creating a light scent with some added oomph - honestly it's the easiest way to describe it. The heart notes of almond powder and golden osmanthus petals create a delicate fresh scent that feels luxurious and sexy when sprayed onto the skin. I adore the unusual blend of patchouli and white leather for the base notes, this unexpected twist offers a dry luscious base that is almost addictive to smell once it's on your skin and clothes. 

When sprayed onto the skin you are instantly welcomed with a strong yet flirty floral scent which then settles throughout the day to a fresh and lighters scent - I love when perfumes do this. I found that when I've put this on for work the past couple of days it is still apparent on both my skin and clothes by the time I get home. 

It's definitely worth noting how gorgeous the packaging of this perfume it, the bottle is fairly simple yet remains elegant and feminine. Accented with gorgeous bow detailing and a beautiful gold lid, the bottle remains very distinctive and sophisticated, the gold and peach colours after perfect for the design and really emulate Spring/Summer. 

Price wise this perfume retails on the heavier side with the 30ml bottle costing £42, the 50ml bottle £60.00 and the 100ml £81.00 which may seem like a lot. However you don't need to cover yourself in this strong scent which means the 30ml bottle could last you a good while.

Overall this perfume provides the perfect blend between flirty florals and a musky leather base, which never appears too strong on the skin. This feels on the skin a very luxurious perfume and would make the perfect day to night scent. Signorina Eleganza was love at first scent for me and could see this easily becoming a signature scent. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Looking for the perfect Prom Dress?

Ms Dressy Prom Dresses - Link

It's that time of the year again where Prom season is in full force, and with that comes the endless hours of searching for the right dress. I remember when I had my high school prom and looking for a dress was one of the most stressful things in the world, however after finding the right one it was the perfect princess dress. Ms Dressy stock a wide range of gorgeous UK evening dresses at affordable prices, whether you prefer short or long dresses or even a mermaid style - there is a dress for everyone.

I was pleasantly surprised whilst browsing through the site at the vast array of dresses available, as I remember when I purchased mine there was only a small prom section in the shop. I do think however that proms are becoming a big part of UK tradition for many school-goers and a right of passage at the end of Year 11. I will admit I did find myself drawn to the princess style gowns and fell in love with quite a few of these.

Alongside the variety in dresses you also have the option of colour, so if you and your friends have coloured co-ordinated so that no one matches this site is the perfect option for choice. Sizing wise they stock sizes from UK 6 to a 24 which caters for everyone. If you are in between sizes they also have the option for creating a custom sized gown for an extra £15 which is a big help as you find if you buy your dress from a wedding store they do take all your measurements, but I like how they help create a gown that will fit like a glove.

Prices range from £28 to £240 so there is a dress for every budget and I think that's important as you may not want to fork hundreds out for a dress that will be worn for just one night. I have been there and spent ridiculous amounts on a dress that was only worn once, so the site offers great value for money.

Overall the site stocks a gorgeous range of dresses that would be perfect for not only your prom but any evening event that requires you to look fabulous.

I'd love to know of any prom memories you may have? Or are you heading to a prom this summer let me know!

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

April Favourites

April Favourites LtoR: Lush Tea Tree water, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Urban Decay Naked Skin, Garnier Micellar Water, Mac Creme De La Femme, V05 Give Me Texture Spray and the Divergent Soundtrack.

I can't get over how quickly the year is passing, especially to think we are in May already. Whilst I didn't buy a lot of products in April - I'm trying to be good - I did find myself discovering some old favourites that I have included in this months favourites posts. 

Lush Tea Tree Water

This is a staple part of my skincare routine, I did a full review on this a little while ago here. I love spraying this onto my face as I find it really helps keep bad skin days at bay and if I have missed this in my routine it does help clear any blemishes that may appear. Because you only need a couple of sprays to cover your face the smaller bottle does last ages which makes it fantastic value for money and a skin lifesaver. 

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Over the past month by lips have been really weird and I have suffered from two patches of dry skin on the upper lip. At first I thought it may have been a reaction to a lipstick or gloss but I wasn't too sure, however applying this onto my lips throughout really helped get my lips back in order and soften the skin again. For me this is my favourite lip balm and don't think I'd ever stray.

Urban Decay Naked Skin

This is an old favourite for me, I kind of forgot about this foundation after hiding it away in my vanity drawer. After using it over the last month I remembered why I fell in love with this foundation,  not only does it look good on the skin I find that because it gives a matte finish I don't need to apply powder - anything that means less steps is always a lifesaver in a morning for me. I find with this also that it seems to last during the day whilst I am at work and don't suffer any oily patches on the skin which is a major bonus.

Garnier Micellar Water

My trusty micellar water is raved about a lot and not only on my blog. This is currently my favourite way to remove makeup on a night, and refresh my skin in a morning. I did a full review on this here, I find that not only does it clear my makeup well on an evening but it stays true to its word and does last around the 200 use mark. I already have another two bottles lined up as it's currently half price in Boots for when I run out. 

Mac Creme De La Femme

Another product that I have popped away and seemingly forgotten about, however when I found it out again a few weeks ago I wondered how or why I had ever forgotten about this little beauty. Creme De La Femme is a gorgeous frost shade that is perfect for the warmer months. Considering the frost formula this lipstick has a great lasting power of around 4-5 hours and I think I will continue to wear during the summer.

V05 Give Me Texture Spray

I have been on the hunt for the perfect texturising spray for quite a while, and I tried the V05 Texture Spray and fell in love. I tend to use this when I have crimped my hair and not only does it add volume and bounce to my hair but I find it has a hairspray quality that helps keep the curls in place all day and don't drop, making this a fab texturising spray for any look.

Divergent Soundtrack

This is the random addition to my favourites list, I couldn't include the actual soundtrack as that was and is currently in my car. However I'm a big fan of the Divergent series and when I saw the film I was amazed by how much I loved the soundtrack and have been listening to it constantly nonstop. As a fan of Ellie Goulding I adore the choice of songs on this album and Beating Heart and Find You are my top tracks from the album. 

I'd love to know what you're favourites are for the month.

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