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Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor BB Cream

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Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor BB Cream £8.00 - link

BB Creams are my go to summer skincare, and often choose these over foundations. I received Soap and Glory's Fell Good Factor BB Cream in one of the Christmas gift sets that they released and honestly I wasn't sure what to expect from this. Being a fan of both their skincare and makeup ranges I had high hopes for their BB Cream.

Fell Good Factor is described as a silky-smooth, light, brightening, colourless BB Cream that is loaded with skin-rejuvinating moisturisers with the addition of an SPF25 UVA/UVB to help fend off wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. This all-in-one multitasking cream packs a lot of punch as it acts as a booster serum, moisturiser, primer, skin-tone evener and sunblock.

This isn't like any other BB Cream that I have come across before, in the sense that the formula is colourless. Upon looking into this more, I found that this isn't the kind of BB Cream that you can use to replace your foundation, instead it's intended to be used alongside your favourite base to enhance your makeup. I think that this actually falls more into the moisturiser category than the BB Cream. 

When I first started using this I was a bit confused as to how to use this because of it being called a BB Cream. So I used this as a moisturiser/primer before applying my foundation, however when I did use this I found that it didn't work brilliantly on my skin. The formula is quite thick which means that it doesn't sink in very quickly and you are left sitting and waiting for the formula to settle before applying your base. I find that it doesn't help keep my makeup on for any longer either and sometimes have to be careful as I tend to apply this a bit too quick and then I'm spending a good time buffing a mixture of foundation and moisturiser. 

With saying that if I use this on a night as a moisturiser I don't mind the fact that it takes a bit longer to sink in as I don't have to slap anything else on my face. This leaves me skin feeling moisturised and instantly adds a glow to my skin perking up my complexion.

Formula wise this this is a little oily so it's not the best for those who suffer from a bit of additional oil. Despite the oiler formula I have found that this doesn't break me out more than anything else, I had read quite a few reviews from people saying that this broke them out. So if you do have oily skin you may want to be a bit careful as there is the risk of it breaking you out. 

Soap and Glory claim that this contains Suntrigger Technology which uses sunlight-activated spheres that deliver extra protection for when you need it, and on the plus side this product contains antioxidant 'vitamin balls' C & E which enhance the skins natural defences against oxidative stress and free radicals. 

Overall this is a fabulous product for the summer due to it's high SPF which will help keep you protected against sun damage. I'm not overly convinced by this product as a primer, but as a moisturiser I'm sold. This instantly hydrates my skin and I find myself reaching for this when my skin is in need of a perk. For £8.00 this doesn't break the bank either so is a great option for a mid-market moisturiser.

Have you tried Feel Good Factor? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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