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StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask

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StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask, Stylelux, Blackhead Killer, Peel Off Mask, skincare, beauty, face mask, bbloggers, swatch, face mask swatch
StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel off Mask* £14.95 - Link

When it comes to skincare I am always on the lookout for those miracle products that will help the  overall condition of my skin, since I was about 11 (yes I was an early starter) I have suffered from unstable skin that can break out at any given moment. So when StyleLux offered me the chance to try their Blackhead Killer Masks I jumped at the chance to see if these would do what it says on the tin and help improve the condition of my skin. 

StyleLux's Blackhead Killer Masks are described as a remarkable and all-natural new skincare sensation from America, which removes pimples in just minutes. These packets claim to lift pimples, blackheads, impurities, excess oil and redness from the surface of your skin. On paper I wasn't sure how good these masks would be however I was pleasantly surprised after the first mask.

Probably the weirdest thing about these masks has to be the thick black formula that seeps from the packaging, on a first glance this doesn't look like the best thing to apply on your skin. But when reading the packaging I found that these are actually made from all safe and natural herbal ingredients, meaning that I felt more confident when applying this to my skin. 

I applied this just as I would with any other facial mask, and then allowed it to dry on the skin. On the packaging it says it would take 10 minutes to dry, instead I found it took more like 15-20 minutes to completely dry. Once dry this sets into a hard easy to peel off mask, and this is where the mask goes to work. When you begin to pull this mask off it honestly feels like it's ripping a layer of your skin off, at one point my eyes were watering on the sides of my face where there is some facial hair or the skin is more delicate -honestly my mom had to help pull it off softly - with saying that thought, on areas such as my forehead it was fine to peel off. Due to the pain I did really feel that it was ripping the blackheads from my skin, which is good. 

After using this I could see a noticeable difference in my skin, at first it was a little red but I put that down to the force of the mask. My skin however did feel more refreshed and clearer, and I did notice that one of those blind boil spots that I had actually came to a head this morning - honestly it was a shocker looking in the mirror this morning. I thought woah! where have you come from? Now this is a little warning to where the story goes a bit rank, but I only had to touch the skin in that area for all the badness to make its way out and through the day the redness has reduced and the spot is not so fierce anymore and almost gone - I have never had a boil go so quickly.

These 10ml packets may sound small but each contains a lot of product, and more than enough to cover your face. Each pack contains five of these 10ml masks, and is recommended that you use one of these masks every week to 2 weeks meaning that these will last a good while.

Overall I really think these work wonders on the skin, and are completely worth the pain you experience with them. To see such instant results is almost miraculous, and whilst they may be a bit expensive I do think they are worth the money when they work wonders on my skin within the matter of 24 hours!

What are your thoughts on blackhead masks?

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