Friday, 13 June 2014

Beat the heat: Summer makeup tips

I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely summer weather today, eating ice creams, chilling in the garden and having a nice cold drink. However I don't know about you, but I often find my makeup looking like a hot mess throughout the day, and sometimes I feel like my makeup is literally melting off my skin. So I thought I'd do a little post on some of my favourite beauty tips to keep my makeup looking melt proof during the summer heat. 


I am loving primers at the moment, especially Benefit's Porefessional as this really helps to keep my makeup in place. Not only does it help my makeup last through the day, but also helps to reduce any unwanted shine that may rear its weary head. 

Lighten your base

When the weather warms up I tend to stray from heavier coverage foundations and opt for tinted moisturisers and BB Creams. I once heard that the more you have on, the more you have to melt off - and that kind of horrified me. I just find that these products not only look lighter in the summer but feel lighter also. I don't know about you, but I find that personally these also last better during the warmer months, and combined with primer makes the perfect natural summer base. 

Powder up

Sometimes I find myself suffering from a midday shine, and to combat this I often rely on powder to freshen the centre of my face. My tip would be don't cover your entire face with powder, instead dust  or blot powder along your t-zone so that you can still maintain a dewy look instead of a sweaty betty. 


This is a new one for me, as I always bang on about how I never used to use bronzer. However after falling madly in love with bronzer I have found this to be the perfect go-to product for my cheeks during the warmer months. I like to apply this on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and across my temples, this way it mimics where the sun would naturally hit your face - I have found that it instantly brightens my face and gives a healthy glow. 

Ditch the Powder

An unhealthy mix of sweat and powder never looks good, so switch to cream blushers and eyeshades as these don't appear as cakey in warmer weather. Any cream products that contain silicone are designed to lock colour in place so that the colour isn't literally melting from your face. 


Make a waterproof eye products your best friend during the summer, a great waterproof eyeliner and mascara can help prevent panda eyes smearing its way into your summer snaps. A waterproof duo prevents your eyeliner and mascara from running and leaving your eye makeup looking fresh.

Sheer lips

As much as I love bright coloured lipsticks, I do find that summer is perfect for with to sheerer lip products - whether it be lipstick, lipgloss, tints or balms. I also find that these lighter shades work well as you don't have to worry about checking on your lips during the day to see if the colour has bled - never a good luck - and honestly you can never go wrong by opting for a sheer colour. 

So they are just some of my makeup summer tips, I'd love to know some of yours!

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