Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Selfridges The Beauty Project: Show Beauty

 Selfridges The Beauty Project: Show Beauty

I don't know why it has took so long for me to do a post on this, however a little while ago I was invited down to Selfridges London to come and take a look at the Beauty Project instore campaign, and in particular SHOW Beauty who were offering complementary hair styling sessions with a team of expert stylists. 

The Beauty Project was a six week campaign which defined all things beauty, including talks, interactive debates and immerse beauty experiences. The beauty hall was filled with stations and products ready to go, and honestly it was a bit of a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory moment for me, with beautiful beauty displays. 

As part of the Beauty Project, SHOW beauty introduced two new products as part of their opulent hair styling collection: the Couture Curl Enhancing Lotion and the Riche Grooming Balm. Their range is definitely aimed at the more luxury market, with prices going anywhere between £16-£35, which may sound shocking when you think it's essentially hair care but sometimes it can be justified - I have a review coming soon of their much talked about Dry Shampoo. 

As soon as I arrived to the stand I was instantly drawn to the packaging of these products, it not only evokes luxury but I have to say it's by far one of the prettiest hair product ranges I am yet to come across, and are definitely one of those vanity table products. 

I met with one of their stylists who had a quick chat with me about the condition of my hair, and what kind of styles I liked - I did have to apologise for the state of my hair, blame the typical British weather for raining meaning I had to deal with wet hair which I tied up in the end and then quickly brushed down before the styling, hence no before photo. During the process we opted for a wavy do, and she talked me through the process of each step and why those particular products would help.

To start with I had the Premiere Dry Shampoo spritz throughout my hair, just to give it a lease of life, and I couldn't believe how it helped conceal my oily roots whilst providing generous volume to my hair. After that they applied the Premiere Working Texture Spray to add volume and thickness to my hair, which may I say did give my hair a lot of thickness for the few days that followed. It didn't feel sticky at all in my hair, but really helped hold the curl and keep the style in place. To complete the styling we finished with the Premiere Finishing Spray to keep the style in place.

Overall I loved the finish look, I instantly thought the style was very 1960's and the centre concealing of my fringe was a style I had never thought of before. It was strange I was walking through Selfridges feeling very glam with myself, and at least I had a gorgeous do for my meal that night before hopping on the train home. 

Did any of you get chance to visit Selfridges Beauty Project? 

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