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My Haircare Routine: Maintaining Oily Hair

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One of the things I have wondered for many years was can you train your hair to be less greasy? The 16 year old me would think not, with washing my hair everyday and applying dry shampoo in a morning I was worried I would be living the greasy life. However I have found that over the past few months I have been able to get my hair into a condition that I thought was impossible, and thought I'd share with you some of my tips on maintaining greasy hair.

Don't wash everyday

I always used to be under the impression that washing your hair everyday was good for you, and whilst some people still believe this others don't. I have found that by shampooing my hair daily actually causes it to create more oil, so I started to wash my hair every other day and then once I was comfortable with second day hair I would try at three days. I have found that because I have fine hair my hair can only last around 3 days before it needs washing. I do tend to do mine every other day whilst I'm at work, and then don't wash it at all on the weekends, it's crazy but I have kind of developed a washing schedule meaning that I wash my hair on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - this may sound lazy but continue reading to see how it's helped my hair!

Give your hair time

Most importantly give yourself time, it's going to take a little while for your hair to adjust the amount of oil it produces. It may sound a little weird but to train your hair into producing less oil, you need to let it go oily - not a nice site but honestly it will help. I started by washing my hair every other day, so would do this on a weekend or when I wasn't in work so that no one would see the state of my hair. After a few weeks you will start to notice a difference in the amount of oil your hair is producing, meaning that you will be able to out your two day hair. 

Make Dry Shampoo your best friend

Dry Shampoo is an old favourite of mine, not only does it help to absorb excess oil but I find it a great way to style second day hair by giving my hair both texture and volume. I have a couple of ways that I like to apply this to stop a build up of oil, the first way is applying this in a morning after my hair has been washed on a night and then on the same night I will apply it before going to bed to refresh my hair so that the oil doesn't have chance to accumulate by the morning. This is actually a new technique but I have found that this works better with my hair. 

Second day styling

An obvious thing for me is styling my hair differently in between washes, I like to keep my hair down on the first and second day hair. However sometimes on the second and third days I will pop my hair up, this means that there is less chance of me messing with it and adding to the oil production. So this means that hairspray and texturising sprays are a must have for me. 

Changing my shampoo and conditioner routine

A big thing for me has been changing my shampoo and conditioner routine. Recently I have had a big issue with a high street brand leaving my scalp sore and very flaky to the point that combing my hair was very painful. This meant reverting to baby shampoo to help soothe my scalp, and from there I have invested in Kerastase shampoo and conditioners. The combination I have found to be very effective, I am loving Kerastase Oily Roots and Sensitive Ends shampoo, it helps to prolong the oils produced in my hair. 

The condition of my hair

So has this worked? Honestly it has, I don't know if it's due to washing my hair less frequently but I have noticed a visible difference in the condition of my hair. Most noticeably its started growing again - miracle? Yes! As an avid hair extension wearer a lot of people have commented asking if I'm wearing my hair extensions, which is when I can gladly say no. I hope it will continue to grow to a length that I'm happy with. Secondly I've noticed my hair get a little thicker, not a lot but I can really tell when I style my hair or pop it up. Lastly my hair doesn't produce as much oil as it did, which is the biggest thing I am happy about. 

I'd love to know what your hair routine is to keep the oil at bay!

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