Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kitsch Hair Ties Dupe

Tiger Hair Ties £1 - Link

Now I'm sure we've all been there, at the time we thought it was a good idea to scrape our hair back into an up-do, and a couple of hours later you're ready to pop your hair down. That is until you realise that you've fell victim to a kinked hairdo, meaning that you need to fix this quickly. I'll admit I'll do it whilst I'm at work and then when I'm ready to do stuff afterwards and take my hair down, I'm unable to as I have a lovely visible kink that wants to ruin my hair. 

I've noticed as of recently Kitsch hair ties are popping up everywhere, the gimmick? They are supposed to be gentle on your hair, resulting in no breakage or pulling. Do they work? Indeed they do, but my only gripe is a pack can cost quite a hefty amount for something which is essentially a bobble.

However I was shocked to discover that Tiger (if you haven't heard of it before, think Ikea just more random, quirky and less furniture) were selling what seemed to be a dupe for the Kitsch hair ties. So of course these caught my attention and I was shocked to discover that a 3 pack only cost £1 - so naturally I had to try them. 

Firstly they come with a really cute floral pattern, which means that when worn on the wrist they'll make a cute accessory. Do they work as well at Kitsch? As a matter of fact they do, I can pop one in my hair and find that it helps leave my hair kink free all day. The only thing I have noticed is that they aren't as elastic as Kitsch (if that makes sense) meaning they aren't as tight, but they still manage to keep my hair up. 

Overall I think that if you want to try Kitsch bands, but don't want to fork out the cost for them, these are a fabulous dupe that costs a fraction of the price. Literally about 33p for each band, and who can resist a hair tie that looks so pretty!

Have you jumped on the Kitsch bandwagon? Or do you have any cheaper alternatives for these, I'd love to know!

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