Monday, 8 September 2014

My 7 Beauty Sins

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Let's be honest we have all picked up bad habits over the years, and I know for me despite being a beauty blogger I have quite a few that lurk around during my beauty routine. I think I have fallen into a quick approach when it comes to applying my makeup on weekday mornings when getting ready for work, which also means I've become a bit lazy and I'm hoping I'm not alone with my sins - otherwise I will feel bad when I've finished writing this. 

Morning skincare routine - or lack of

It's a weird thing really, I will always make an effort to cleanse, tone and moisturise of a night time before going to bed. However when I wake up in a morning, forget the whole fresh as a daisy and instead think more Addams family, and yes I'm being honest! Literally on a morning I will be out of bed at 8 and out the house at 8.15 so you know where this is going. I don't even moisturise my skin of a morning, instead I prime and slap the foundation on - yes you can imagine a quick buffing and I'm done. This is my own doing - I do like an extra 10 in bed. 

Touching my face

We are always told that when we touch our faces during the day we transfer the bacteria, oils and everyday grime from whatever is on our hands and onto our skin. Which in theory sounds disgusting, but still I find myself doing it. I do this mainly while I'm at work, and this may be feeling for flaky skin or a random poking, which means that you remember that makeup that I apply within 2 minutes is practically gone during the day. 

Picking Spots

This I find is kind of a taboo subject, we all know that we suffer from spots but people don't often talk about squeezing or picking spots - I know, not a discussion to have over breakfast, but we all do it! Again this is just asking for trouble, by breaking the wall of the pore we allow bacteria to leak out and spread underneath the surface of the skin, whilst damaging the skin. So whichever way you look at it, we are making the breakout worse and damaging our skin while we are it. Need I continue?

Sleeping with eye makeup on

So let's ignore what I said a few points back about how I always try to remove and clean my face on a night, but you know there are some nights where I'm that tired I just about manage to cleanse my face, others well let's not go there. This for me is the ultimate sin, and in all honesty I have got a lot better over the years, making sure I remove my makeup and then tone ect. However I may void all my good work but letting go and leave my mascara on - yes the most cardinal sin and I am guilty of sinning. 

Picking nail polish

So we spend all that time perfecting the perfect mani, avoiding pillow nails (yes that is a thing) and all kinds of issues that can arise when painting your nails. So why is it, I find myself picking at my nails quick enough? I know I shouldn't but sometimes I see a bit of a flaky nail appearing and I just can't help myself, I begin peeling and that's it the mani is ruined. Picking nail polish can be damaging to the nail itself, as you can remove the top layer meaning the nail becomes weaker, but that still doesn't stop me. 

Not washing my makeup brushes frequently

Honestly when I have time off from work this is the last thing that comes to mind, and I know the idea of brushes clogged with makeup sounds pretty disgusting but I live by the rule if they feel alright they are ok to use on my skin. Which let's just say is completely wrong, but I'm a little lazy. I honestly don't want to think about the bacteria that could be on these brushes, so maybe I need to start a routine. 

Not getting enough sleep

Lastly I am completely guilty of this one, unless it's a Friday/Saturday night then you know I will be sleeping a good 10-12 hours (if not more). However I just can't help it, I go upstairs at 11pm and then find myself mindlessly watching E! until midnight, and then have to be up between 7.50-8am. I will just add if I'm watching something when I go up it could half 12 before I finally get to sleep, and I can only blame myself. It's not called beauty sleep for no reason, and I should really try and get enough sleep so that my body will feel more refreshed and healthier. 

So there we have it, my beauty sins all laid out bare for you to see. I'd love to know what you are guilty of when it comes to your beauty regime.

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